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It all started with an enquiry. A customer emailed us an image of a house, attempting to identify it. The customer’s grandmother was born in Veitch Park, Haddington to a local solicitor. She thought her family had occupied the impressive house (black and white image) in Veitch Park. The customer’s aunt had inscribed the word ‘Amisfield’ on the photograph about 30 years ago but as she had recently passed away other details and information about the family home was lost. To us, the house did not look like one that is familiar to Haddington. In spite of this, our local history team browsed through the John Gray Centre photograph collection, searched through the streets of Haddington via the Google map function, and even consulted a few local historians, but to no success.
Just as we were about to admit defeat I decided to give it one more go and looked into the customer’s family history via census information on (the Library edition is available free-of-charge to all members and registered visitors of the East Lothian Library Service). I discovered that the customer’s grandmother had married a gentleman from Glasgow who was then a hat and cap manufacturer and they had lived in Renfrewshire. I then looked up the address given in the census which led me to what is now East Renfrewshire. When our Heritage, Resource and Development Officer, Dr. David Anderson, identified the stonework of the house as being more familiar to Glasgow, I did a simple Google search for “address + Amisfield + Glasgow”. Lo and behold there it was! The house is still called ‘Amisfield’ and it can be found at 48 Mansewood Road, Glasgow, Lanarkshire as advertised on an estate agent’s website. It was clear that the family that had lived in Haddington had taken the name ‘Amisfield’ with them. We then contacted the estate agents who were delighted with our story and gave us permission to reproduce the current photograph of the house. Mystery solved!
There is a large image collection at Archives and Local History. We estimate it amounts to over 60,000 photographs which relate to the whole of the county. Within this collection there are a few hundred images that are still unidentified. We would welcome members of the public to visit the John Gray Centre and identify any of the images. As a taster, we invite you to try and identify the two images below:


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5 Responses to The Mystery House

  1. Nadine says:

    Thank you so much for this information. I am now more confused than I was before. I am just getting my paperwork together to bring across with me as I continue my research on family. Amongst this paperwork is the death notice of 3 x great aunt who apparently, according to the death notice passed away at Veitch Park, Haddington on 3 May 1883. She was married to William Black. I would love to know any information. Thank you

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    • HanitaR says:

      Hi Nadine,
      Thank you for your comment.
      It might be best for you to check your 3X great aunt’s death certificate for the actual address at Veitch Park, Haddington. You can then make connections through birth, marriage and death records on the ScotlandsPeople website (you may know this already).
      The article above is related to the Westland family and the image of the house, as stipulated, is located in the county of East Renfrewshire in the west coast of Scotland. I’m afraid we do not know if there is a connection to William Black as we have no details or any information suggesting this. This is something you can research via ScotlandsPeople.
      All the best.

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  2. Jane Wilson says:

    I just want to leave a note to thank you for helping us find the house my father (William Westlands, born 1903) was brought up in. I have since unearthed another photo (from another Westlands relative) which shows my father with his sister, mother and grandmother standing outside the house. It would be great to visit the house and thank you for helping with this.

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  3. anonymous says:

    My Husband and I own this beautiful home called Amisfield, we have been extremely happy here. It has been filled with love happiness and gratitude to have such a lovely home to live.
    The attached is a painting of Amisfield I had commissioned for my wonderful husband’s 50th Birthday. I will always treasure it and be very grateful for all the very happy times Ian and I had together before he passed away from cancer. He was truly an amazing man and fought it every day with a big smile on his face. An incredible man for an incredible home.

    We researched our home and have details back to when it was built in 1907. Very nice to see the old photograph.

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