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We are continually developing useful resources to help with personal research projects, school work and family history. If you have any suggestions for subjects to focus on or for school or community projects, loan boxes or image sets, leave a comment below or contact us.

You can also find a wealth of interesting and useful resources on the Museum Service website.


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‘Five shillings for riding a pony on the footpath’

‘Five shillings for riding a pony on the footpath’

William Hamilton Brown, a gentleman from Coalstoun House, was arrested for riding a pony on the footpath. On appearing at the Burgh Court, Mr Brown refused to plead guilty or not guilty on the argument that there was no way of identifying the footpath as a footpath. He received a fine of five shillings or 24 hours in jail.
‘Theft of Umbrellas’

‘Theft of Umbrellas’

Michael Bolan, of no fixed residence, was arrested on 4 January 1898 accused of stealing umbrellas from a shop in Market Street, Haddington. The 29 year old from Dublin received a punishment of 30 days in jail.
'Ten days for stealing apples'

'Ten days for stealing apples'

Patrick Morran, labourer, Nungate, pleaded not guilty to a charge of stealing some 9 lbs of apples from Mr Farmer's garden. Despite this he was found in possession of the said apples when Constable Wilson went to Morran's house at 3am on Sunday morning. He was sentenced to spend ten days in jail without the option of a fine.