All historical enquiries that we receive either by post, email or in person, are allocated up to fifteen minutes of free research.  If it is going to take longer we will get in touch and let you know this and provide a quote based on our charges:
Enquiry Charge

£27 per hour

Photocopying / Digital Imaging
Photocopying & printing charges:-
A4 per sheet (black & white) 0.25
A4 per sheet, double sided (black & white) 0.50
A3 per sheet (black & white) 0.35
A3 per sheet, double sided (black & white) 0.70
A4 per sheet (colour) 0.45
A3 per sheet (colour) 0.55
Digital image charges:-
Digital image £3.00 per image
Digital newspaper articles £1.60 for first page
– subsequent  pages of newspaper articles £0.60per page
Use of Digital Cameras

We are aware that some people prefer to use their equipment to capture images.  If you wish to do so you can purchase the following licences:

1 Day 1 Week  1 Month 1 Year
 £5  £15  £35  £70

If you are:

  • publishing a book or
  • making a film, video or television broadcast,
  • developing web-based resources or an Internet site, or
  • using photographs in a talk,

we may have the photographs you need.

We reserve the right to charge reproduction fees for any public use of the collections in addition to the cost of the images and any Copyright fees the Copyright owner may wish to charge.

In addition to payment, a copy of the publication should be supplied to East Lothian Council’s Library Service.

Commercial Re-Use Licence  Creative Commons ‘Small Publications’ Licence 
 £46.50  £11 per item
 Details of Licence to be negotiated with ELC  Creative Commons reuse principles

Unless otherwise indicated, all reproduced images should be acknowledged appropriately as follows:-

“Courtesy of East Lothian Council Museums Service”

“Courtesy of East Lothian Council Archives & Local History Service”

Hire of the Star Room

All of these rates are per hour.

Category 1 – Voluntary & Charitable Organisations £8.30
Category 2 – Non-Profit Making Organisations £12.40
Category 3 – Commercial Organisations £21.00

The appropriate rate of charge to be applied for hall lets, etc., is determined by the type of organisation hiring the premises. It is not possible to provide an exhaustive list of all organisations that may apply for lets of Council halls, etc. The following definitions of categories, together with examples, are intended to provide guidance on the appropriate rate of charge to apply to different organisations.


This rate of charge should be applied to charities and to voluntary organisations where the primary purpose of the organisation is to provide a service to the community. It should also be applied to organisations working in support of pensioners and young people to support groups for people with special needs.

Examples of voluntary and charitable organisations include:-

 Registered Charities

 Groups for the Mentally or Physically Handicapped

 OAP Organisations

 Children’s Playgroups/Youth Clubs/Young People’s Organisations

 Support Groups, (e.g. Alcoholics Anonymous, Single Parents Groups)

 Religious Groups/Church Organisations

 Festival/Gala Day Organisations

 Community Councils

 Parent/Teacher Associations

This rate of charge should also be applied to any musical or drama group performing free of charge to charitable organisations.


This rate of charge should be applied to organisations that operate on a non-profit making basis and where their activities are of a general recreational nature, as distinct from a charitable cause or a specific social need or community service. Organisations in this category will normally comprise individuals who give their time on a voluntary basis and where the proceeds of any events are put back into the club/organisation’s funds.

Examples of non-profit making organisations include:-

 Amateur Sporting Organisations

 Other Amateur Recreational Organisations, (e.g. Floral Art Clubs, Bowling Clubs, Dance Clubs,
Amateur Dramatic Organisations, etc.)

 Round Table / Rotary Club / Inner Wheel / Ladies’ Circle / Musselburgh Honest Lasses Association
/ Women’s Guilds / Loyal Orange Lodge / Eastern Star, etc.

 Company Staff Organisations and Events, (eg. Brunton Staff)

Private Individuals, (e.g. Weddings)


This rate of charge should be applied to commercial organisations, i.e. where the organisation operates on a profit-making basis. It should also be applied to central and local government bodies and other public and statutory agencies. Examples of commercial organisations include:-

 Any Limited Company or PLCPr

 Local Authorities

 Health Boards

 Professional Sporting Groups

Discos – Commercial Operators

 Traders

 Dance Schools

 Co-operative Societies

 Slimming Clubs

The charge should also be applied to individuals who intend to use the facility for personal profit, e.g. aerobics/fitness instructors who charge participants to take part in the class.

NOTE : The appropriate charge to be levied in any given circumstances should be based on the category of the organisation, NOT on the specific nature of the let. The only exception to this is where a commercial or non-profit making organisation is running an event from which the proceeds are going to a charity. In such instances, the organisation will require to provide proof (i.e. a letter from the charity), to demonstrate that this is the case and will be charged at 50% of the standard rate