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Best Days of Your Life? Health and Wellbeing

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The closure of school buildings as a result of an outbreak of disease was not unusual. Outbreaks of measles, scarlet fever and influenza were fairly common.

The introduction of a school health service meant regular visits by nurses, doctors and dentists to the school checking on the health and wellbeing of pupils. Among these was the ‘nit nurse’ – a figure I’m sure many will remember!

Playground games such as skipping, peevers [hopscotch], rounders and, of course, football were very popular. PE as part of the curriculum though didn’t really make an appearance until the 20th century and even then most schools did not have their own PE teacher. A roving drill instructor would visit the school and take PE weekly or fortnightly.

School trips often meant a trip to Edinburgh although some schools ventured further and  as the century wore on trips to Europe were not uncommon. Scrapbooks and photo albums from Preston Lodge’s trips to Paris in the 1950s and 60s can be seen in the exhibition case.


PL Paris Trip 1960 (2)PL Paris Trip 1960

Images taken from a scrapbook collated by Preston Lodge pupils on return from their trip to Paris, 1960

Nit Nurse 1956 Dirleton

Note of inspection by the Nit Nurse, 1956

Fisherrow School FC 1927-28

Fisherrow School FC 1927-28

Crossroads school closure

Extract from Crossroads School Log Book, 1914

The school was closed for a week due to an outbreak of Scarlet Fever and had be thoroughly disinfected before opening

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