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Amy Winstanley, ‘Immersed 3’

My paintings are strongly based on forms, textures and colours found within the natural world, but are interpreted through my emotional response. I am primarily concerned with its beauty and complexity. I utilise my experience of natural beauty, transcribing this onto canvas by focusing on fragments of its infinitude. In doing so a perception is gained of insignificance in the cosmic vastness, but also derivation from the same source, affirming our connection to the natural world.

I am interested in exploring feelings of freedom within the act of painting through movement, coupling this with a sense of equipoise. When painting I oscillate between observation and imagination, between free and constrained brushwork. Using this blend of intuitive gestures and conscious forms, I let the painting evolve. It is important for me to create balance within the painting, as well as a sense of potential transformation, echoing impermanence within the natural world.

Listen to Amy talk about her work, and the piece she is exhibiting.

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