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Georgina Bown, ‘Etching 2’

Georgina is an East Lothian-based artist who has been producing monoprint artwork on-site at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh.

The ELC award funded training and materials at the Edinburgh printmakers which has allowed me to successfully describe these botanical gems via acid etching, expanding my range of techniques and enabled me to widen the appeal and variety of my body of work. It has also made it possible for me to do an art project at the Botanic Gardens Edinburgh over the last six months. This incredibly exciting ongoing project concentrates on the extensive worldwide Carpological (seed-pods) collection allowed me to continue this project into 2013 with the focus on an exhibition in the John Hope building at the Royal Botanic Gardens at the end of the year. This will generate public interest, raise my profile as an artist and act as a focus point for widening my creative output. I hope to then exhibit these works in East Lothian and further afield.

Listen to Georgina talk about her work, and the piece she is exhibiting.

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