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Jan Pottinger-Glass, Triptych

Oceanus Procellarum 1, Jan Pottinger-Glass

Jan is a graduate of the MFA programme at Edinburgh College of Art. Her art practice encompasses drawing, photography, video, sculpture, installation and intervention. Jan’s work is informed by depth psychology and is often developed through an engagement with site, exploring states of paradox or contradiction, liminal states and spaces.

While the work created is underpinned by research and alludes to the Classical tradition, Catholicism and popular culture, it also reflects a subjective, intuitive reaction to my cultural immersion in Florence. The piece being shown references the Grotta Grande within the Boboli Gardens utilising multi-layered photographic processes.

The work being shown, in conjunction with the supporting material, is part of a body of work created following six weeks spent in Florence in 2008 on being awarded a John Kinross Scholarship from the RSA, supported by funding from the Visual Art and Craft Maker Award from East Lothian Council in 2009.

Listen to Jan talk about her work, and the piece she is exhibiting.

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