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Leo Starrs-Cunningham, Triptych

Untitled, Leo Starrs-Cunningham

Leo Starrs-Cunningham is a Scottish-based artist, and graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, and is a founding member of the Black Cube Collective.

The project for which I received the award, and which gave rise to the Triptych, is based on ideas from the Boreal Forest both here in Scotland (where it is more commonly known as the Caledonian Forest) and in Canada, which I visited. It is the largest forest in the world, covering almost the whole of the crown of our planet, and is one of the great ‘lungs of the planet’. Like all such habitats, its continued health is reliant most heavily on the micro-flora and fauna (eg moss, fungi and insects) that ‘recycle’ the forest. The project was also inspired by a trip to the National Museum of Scotland’s Insect Collection. The aim of the work is to highlight the insect life which we would normally not see, as they are so small and hidden – the insects in the Triptych are typically only 2–3mm in length, by making them more apparent I am seeking to celebrate, broadly, their crucial role in the ecosystem.

Listen to Leo talk about his work, and the piece he is exhibiting.

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