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Richard Gregory, ‘Looking north’

Looking North Richard Gregory

Rebott is the outcome of combining my passion for glassmaking with my desire for eco-conscious creativity and responsible making.For the past year I have been refining a method of recycling waste glass from industry into contemporary functional and decorative glassware.

Rebott takes waste bottles sourced from local businesses and discarded greenhouse glass and transforms it, using traditional glassmaking skills, into contemporary tableware and fused-glass wall hangings.

The outcome is a series of glass tableware which shows the value that can be found in supposedly waste products and materials if you apply some imagination and use traditional making skills.

We at Rebott love to make but feel that sometimes artists could think more carefully and imaginatively about how they source their materials. Have a look at our Facebook page to find out more about us and see more of our work.

The piece on display is made from locally sourced discarded greenhouse glass.

Listen to Richard talk about his work, and the piece he is exhibiting.

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