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Ross Combe, ‘Scree, debitage’

Scree Debitage Ross Combe

The ability to engage in naïve and uninhibited acts of play has been the guiding principle of my creative practice. My recent focus on the subtractive act of stone carving has led me to explore the dominance of process over product in my sculptural output and led me to re-evaluate what I regard as valid material for exhibition.

Despite the risk of appearing deliberately reductive and verging on the mundane, I consider the dust and debris resulting from the creative act to be equally interesting to any ‘finished’ product, and in many ways this material possesses a greater degree of significance to my core interests of environmental collaboration and human vulnerability.

The physical and mental endurance involved in the creation of such work, together with the contrast of geological and human scales of time, makes this area of enquiry very rich to me.

Listen to Ross talk about his work, and the piece he is exhibiting.

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