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Susan Mowatt, ‘Woven lines in yellow, grey, black and white’

A length of yarn has two ends: a beginning and an end, or vice versa.

Tapestry has been used as a metaphor for life by poets and writers for centuries.

Lines on the landscape mark the rhythms and repetition of daily life. Like the lines on the land the tyres of a tractor make: I was here, but I was on my way to somewhere else as well. Every connection is also a departure.

Using drawing, moving image and weaving, this body of work included the book Homing, published by Word Power Books in 2011, and culminated in the exhibitions Weaving Home, GalleryGallery, Kyoto, Japan and Interrupted Landing, Arthall, Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo in February 2012.

Listen to Susan talk about her work, and the piece she is exhibiting.

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