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We now care for our monuments, landscapes and objects more than ever before. East Lothian Council Archaeology Service works to make sure that we respect the footprints of the past when building for the future. Our landscape is not static and every generation leaves its mark, including our own. The passage of time and modern developments affect many of our historic places. New technology helps us balance the needs of now with protecting and understanding these sites. Archaeologists and local people have made discoveries and recorded new information about many of them. Old buildings have been reused and monuments repaired. Excavation has recorded new and exciting sites and found fabulous objects.

This rich, ever changing archaeological landscape is on your doorstep. Go and see it!

Exhibition Acknowledgements

Footprints in the Landscape is the first exhibition by East Lothian Council Archaeology Service at the John Gray Centre. We would like to express our thanks to everyone who contributed to the design and development of the exhibition:

East Lothian Council Museums Service, Hamilton Design Ltd., John Gray Centre Staff, East  Lothian Council Graphic Design Team, AOC Archaeology, CFA Archaeology, Fraser Hunter of the National Museums of Scotland, Olivia Lelong of Northlight Heritage, Iain Banks of the Centre for Battlefield Archaeology, the University of Glasgow, Thomas Small and Jean McKinnon.

We are grateful to the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland for permission to reproduce the images of Eweford West and Eweford East from their publication The Lands of Ancient Lothian; this, and other related works, will be on sale at the Museum Desk during the course of the exhibition.

Want to find out more?

The Heritage Explorer has details of many of the sites in the exhibition and includes route maps and a guide. The Heritage Explorer is on sale at the Museum Desk.

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