North Berwick Law

North Berwick Law and Doocot © AM Photography

People have lived up North Berwick Law since at least the Bronze Age, and it has been in constant use ever since.

Small fields were located on the large, flat area at the southern side of the hill. Prehistoric animal bones and pottery have been uncovered here since the early 20th century, which may be what is left of a midden, or compost heap, used to fertilise the fields. Bad weather and animal disturbance is causing this midden to fall off the edge of the hill. East Lothian Council Archaeology Service are currently looking at ways to stabilise it.

World War I lookout on North Berwick Law

First World War Lookout, North Berwick Law. ©

The World War I lookout which you can see here is only the latest monument to use this striking hill and its location.

North Berwick Primary school explored the stories of the Law with Ranger Sam Ranscombe and the Archaeology team – have a look at the vivid way they brought it all to life through art in the pictures below, and read Sam’s blog about it here.

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