Tyne and Esk Writers – Poems inspired by the exhibition.

Members of Tyne and Esk Writers club visited the exhibition ‘The Land, the Sea, the People’, our permanent display on the history of East Lothian and its inhabitants.

A display showing items relating to East Lothian’s connections to the sea.

A display case from ‘The Land, the Sea, the People’ containing items associated with the nine trades of Haddington.

A video, text panels and objects relating the rich industrial history of East Lothian.

During the tour some of the writers came across items and stories which gave them pause for thought and served as inspiration for creating poems. Follow the links below to read some of their poems.

Little Lord by Nicola Gibbons

Tell me by Nicola Gibbons

Old sea dogs by Nicola Gibbons

Women o’ the field by Nicola Gibbons

To those by Michael Moncrieff

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