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Accessibility of this website

We have built this website using the website accessibility initiative guidelines and we have strived to achieve the AA level of accessibility wherever possible.

How to change the text size using your browser settings (recommended)

Microsoft Internet Explorer: Select ‘View’, then ‘Text size’, then select desired size.

Netscape and Firefox: Select ‘View’, then ‘Text zoom’, then select desired size. Text size (100%) is the default original text size.

If you’re a Windows user with a scroll-wheel mouse, you can use ‘Ctrl’ and the scroll-wheel to increase the size of the text.

If you use another browser, look at its Help section for tips on increasing text size.

The above tips will increase the size of everything on the page, not just the text.

How to navigate the website without a mouse

Windows operating systems: Press Ctrl + tab key, then use the tab key to move to the link or part of the page that you want.

Other operating systems: Check the BBC’s My Web My Way pages ( for tips on using your keyboard to navigate websites.

ALT text

We have added text descriptions (as ALT text) to all images, describing their content so that everyone can access them.

How to temporarily change the main content text size

We have also provided a very simple tool to increase the text size of the content of a page when you are viewing it.  You will find two ‘A A’ controls in the top right hand corner. The smaller A resets the text size to the website’s default size.  The larger A increases the font size.  Repeat use of the larger A control will repeatedly increase the text size. Please note this tool only increases the size of text of the main content to improve readability it does not increase the size of the navigation controls: it is recommended to use the browser settings if you wish to increase the size of text of the whole of our website.

One thought on “Accessibility of this website”

  1. Keith Muscott says:

    I need to send a pdf of an article to Bill Wilson’s email address. The article will appear in a magazine shortly, and I would like to have a copy sent to him, too, so I also wish to receive the precise address for his department at the John Gray Centre. The article is about the end of the barque Mexico/Valhalla on the Tantallon shore in the first decade of he 20th century. My partner Jennifer and I visited the John Gray Centre a month or two ago and Bill was very helpful, finding a comprehensive newspaper account of the wreck for us. Without his help the piece would not have been written, and I would like to acknowledge this.
    Keith Muscott

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