Digging in the museum stores

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As part of putting together the Footprints in the Landscape exhibition the Archaeology Service had a good look at the archaeological collections held in the Museum Stores at Dunbar Road.  We discovered some fabulous objects and a wealth of attendant stories to be told within the archaeological material.  The problem was that the collection was […]

New & Free Treasure Tours at the John Gray Centre!

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Did you know we hold original letters signed by Mary Queen of Scots? Would you believe that we have an official charter sealed by Robert the Bruce, from 1318? Or a burial urn dating back to the Bronze Age? These are just a few of the treasures we hold. Bring your group for a guided […]

Welcome to EL & BAC – Digital!!

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November 15th seemed like any other day – but momentous things were happening unbeknownst to many… It was the day that the Archaeology Service was forced kicking and screaming out of the 14th century!  It was the day of the Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders Archaeology Conference 2014 and the day we embraced the 21st century […]

Dirleton Dig 2014 Part 2 or What do you do with all the finds?

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…The answer is usually ‘We send them off to the specialists’ but before that they have to be washed, as specialists are fussy types who don’t like their finds still covered in mud!  So what better way to spend a cold November morning than to stick your hands (marigolds optional) into a cold bucket of […]

Ormiston Hall - OS 1st edition (1843-82)

The Ancient Yew near Ormiston

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At our recent Luminate storytelling session, storyteller Tim told us how he got married in the ancient yew tree near Ormiston. It started a conversation and a debate – did John Knox (1514–72) indeed preach there? No, apparently it was George Wishart! Although according to archaeological records about the area, both did. Anyway, I was reminded of […]

Dirleton Dig Year 2 – Delving deeper

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This year saw the Archaeology Service, in partnership with Gullane and Dirleton History Society, return to continue the excavations over the ‘lumps and bumps’ on Dirleton Geen. As in 2013 we undertook a community excavation during Archaeology and Local History fortnight with the intention of trying understand what exactly the remains were.  We knew from […]

Family History Day 2014

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   The third ‘Family History Day’ organised by the John Gray Centre was celebrated by hundreds of locals and visitors from beyond the county last Saturday (30 August 2014) as part of East Lothian Council’s annual Local History and Archaeology Fortnight. It proved a perfect day for many families to commemorate the 100th anniversary of […]

East Lothian Archaeology and Local History Fortnight

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This year’s East Lothian Archaeology and Local History Fortnight will take place from August 30th to September 15th.  This annual heritage showcase includes talks, guided tours, events and excavations taking place throughout the county, and it brings to life East Lothian’s fascinating history and archaeology. The Fortnight kicks off with Family History Day at the […]

Travels in Midlothian

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The Archaeology Service has been out and about in Midlothian recently, assessing sites as part of the Local Plan. We also cover planning applications in Midlothian and you can find archaeology in Midlothian on the HER. We took the opportunity to visit some of the sites on the HER while we were out – so if you […]

Heather pollen

…all we hear is Radio Blah-Blah!

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Since the Christmas break we have been all hands at pumps (at times literally!) here in the Archaeology Service. There has been the usual catching up on things.  You know that stuff that we all put off right before the holidays – but it is still sitting on your desk when you get back (much […]