Our History. Our Future.

‘Our History. Our Future.’ is the new project that has been launched by the heritage services of East Lothian. We are doing this in conjunction with the other archive services in Edinburgh and the Lothians.  We seek to expand the inclusivity of our collections.

The project sets out that while open to equality in our collections we haven’t achieved it. The lack of historical engagement between ourselves and minority groups means that we have to make our availability more explicit.  The heritage collections we hold are of good quality. Sadly they only represent about 85% of the population of our communities.  We are now engaging more directly with those groups who have not historically been found within our collections.ESRC Graph 2014 - Scottish Ethnic change

This means that we are reaching out to all minority groups, of whatever sort to include them more closely in building the future of our history.  Without this engagement there is a very real risk that they will remain ‘invisible’ from the eyes of history.  Or at least in so far as their experiences on a local level go.

So we are stating more clearly: “We are here for everyone.”  Regardless of ethnicity, nationality, religious belief, sexuality, sexual or gender identity, cultural identity, economic status, and whether disabled or able bodied,  we are here for you.  Your stories matter.  Therefore your experiences should be part of the narrative that is being recorded for East Lothian. We are stronger through the diversity that makes up our communities and this deserves to be collected. Scottish Surveys 2014 Core Questions Sexuality Graph

The spirit of inclusivity in which we are approaching this is in the hope that the future will see more clearly how we grew as a nation by gathering together all of the stories of the people who live, work and play here. 

Below you will find the resources that we are making available for anyone to reuse. It is in the hope that we can expand this message across all of Scotland.


So here are the materials that we hope that you can use to understand our project better.  Or even better to help you to engage with your own local archive or museum, if you are outside of East Lothian.

Title Page. “Our History. Our Future.” Poster

                      This is the header

Page One. “Our History. Our Future.” Poster

                   This sets out the past / current situation and the growing diversity of Scotland.

Page 2. “Our History. Our Future.” Poster

                   This sets out why there is a need to engage and what we can offer.

Our History. Our Future Flyer (2017)

             A summary of the heritage services that East Lothian can offer.