Beltonford Paper Mill

3 thoughts on “Beltonford Paper Mill”

  1. David says:

    We can now confirm that this is Beltonford Paper Mill at West Barns, taken before the fire that destroyed the works on 2 April 1892. The image shows the north face of the plant, fronting the Edinburgh Road. See Ally Knox’s paper in Transactions of the East Lothian Antiquarian and Field Naturalists Society, volume 22 (1993), 1-32. Plates 18-20 provide confirming detail.

  2. david anderson says:

    After my last post, I thought about Dudgeon’s Beltonford maltings. But I’m pretty sure that it’s not that either: the stack positions and surrounding buildings don’t seem to match this image.

    1. Frances says:

      Thanks for this Davids. Will correct the information. If you have any more thoughts on where it might be then please do let us know.
      bw, Fran

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