Geneology Of Skirving Family

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  1. Sandy Cowan says:

    There appear to be two distinct families of Skirvings in the area – one related to the Painter, Archibald, (not mine) and another from Ormiston, Walter Cowan (1816 – 1977) his dad William Skirving (1784 – 1866) and his father John Skirving (b 1758) where it all becomes a bit fuzzy. If it’s related to the later, I’d be delighted to know what it says.

    1. HanitaR says:

      Dear Ms Cowan,
      Thank you for the information you provided. It is indeed helpful. If you live locally, you are very welcome to come in to the Local History department at our Centre (Mon, Tue, Fri) and look at this document. The document, which is in our Archive strong room, is handwritten and was submitted to our predecessors by a member of the public.
      However, if this is not possible, you can email us at [email protected] and submit a research request. We will then advise you of the procedure and charges.
      Thanks again and best wishes.

  2. Loraine Ducker says:

    My 2x great grandfather James Skirving was born in Haddington April 7, 1830 along with brother William born Sept. 13, 1834 and sisters Margaret and Elizabeth. Looking for more information on my ancestors.

    1. HanitaR says:

      Hi Loraine,
      We have checked the document and unfortunately, the names and dates you gave do not appear. This document was possibly submitted to our previous colleagues by a member of the public who did some personal research on the Skirving family presumably relating to him/her. I’m afraid we do not have any other information.
      All the best.

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