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  1. FrancesW says:

    That’s brilliant Neil. Many thanks for the info

  2. Neil Rawlins says:

    The actual date for this poster will be 1941 as War Weapons Weeks were held from 16 September 1940 to 28 June 1941. (NSC1/397, National Records of Scotland) Each town, city and county cross the UK was allocated a week in which they raised money through the auspices of the National Savings Movement / Scottish Savings Committee through the purchase of National Saving Certificates and War Bonds. Midlothian was set a target of £200,000 but actually raised £682,050, almost £41 million in today’s money. East Lothian raised £250,164,in its War Weapons Week (NSC2/24/2 and NSC2/24/23, National Records of Scotland). Hope this is of interest.

    1. Claire Pannell says:

      Thank you so much for your comment Neil. I will update our collections database with the revised date and the information will be updated the next time the collections information on the website is updated.

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