Archaeology: Historic Environment Record

Dirleton Castle

The Historic Environment Record, or HER, is a record of all known archaeological and historical sites in East Lothian and Midlothian. The record is also sometimes called the Sites and Monuments Record (SMR). The HER is maintained by the East Lothian Council Archaeology Service based in Haddington.

The HER is available online and can be searched either through the map or by the advanced search. When using the advanced search, be sure to click on the East Lothian Historic Environment Record box, and/or the Midlothian Historic Environment Record box.

A general search using the search box above will search the catalogues from the museum, archives and local history services as well as the HER (and the rest of the website).

To find out more about the HER, click here.

6 thoughts on “Archaeology: Historic Environment Record”

  1. Gordon Neil says:

    Visited centre and web site very informative and friendly helpful staff great stuff
    And look forward to my next visit to centre

  2. Jess Maslen says:

    Wow… what a brilliant resource! It is clear to see how much work has gone into producing this excellent website! The maps are quick to load and I love the fact that the photos appear on the map, showing details of the actual HER entry. Congratulations! We would love to have such a resource in Plymouth, but as yet can only dream!

    1. HelenB says:

      Thank you and Andrew for your very positive comments! It’s good to hear you find the website/HER easy to use and helpful – we’re still working on some tweaks and improvements, but no doubt that will be one of those continual ongoing jobs!

  3. Andrew Nicholson says:

    Conratulations to all involved. Nice and easy to use, the map search is great. So useful to have all the information in one portal.

    1. HelenB says:

      Great! Thanks for spreading the word.

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