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Note on the newspaper indexes

The ‘Contents’ column describes the contents of each article in the day’s newspaper. It generally follows the pattern: main subject/name; detail; related subject. You may find two (or more) index entries for the same article, listed under a person’s name and a general subject heading, eg:




Under the ‘Position’ heading you will find the location of each article within the newspaper edition.

2 thoughts on “Note on the newspaper indexes”

  1. David Balden says:

    How do i find the page and column listed against search?

    1. HanitaR says:

      Hi Mr Balden,
      thank you for your enquiry.
      You would have to come in to our Centre to view the articles which are on microfilm.
      If this is not possible, then you can email [email protected] and request digital scans of these entries. We will then advise you of the cost. Once payment is made, the digital scans of the entries will be emailed to you.
      Hope this information helps.

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