unidentified mckenzie hairdresser image

Unidentified Photographs

This page has a selection of pictures from the collection about which we know very little (just one to start). We’d like to ask your help: any information or suggestions about any of the images would be very valuable!

Stumped: Post Number One

unidentified mckenzie hairdresser image

The first post is of G. Mackenzie’s Hairdresser and Tobacconist. We’re fairly sure about where this is. But any more information – of any kind – would be a great help. We can add anything about the business to our records – its location, the people in the photograph, the date of the photograph.

We will add more puzzle photographs every so often, so keep coming back!

You can share information by commenting below (but remember to read our terms and tick the ‘terms’ box), by emailing directly or, if you live nearby, by visiting us. We look forward to hearing your ideas.

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