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Identifier: 2004.460 · Author: East Lothian Council Museums Service

No 7 locomotive at Newbattle coal loading station. B&W in white folder.


Identifier: 2004.599 · Date: 1936-1937 · Author: East Lothian Council Museums Service

Large hardback book. The Lothian Coal Company Limited. Newbattle collieries. Weigh Book. Bricks. No.2. 1st June 1936- 30th January 1937.


Identifier: 2004.298 · Date: 1210 · Author: East Lothian Council Museums Service

Three pieces of photocopied paper. Charters of grants of land to the monks of St Mary of Newbattle. 1210.

Newtongrange, Lady Victoria Colliery, Lothian Coal Company Offices

Identifier: MEL8520 · Date: School · Author: MidLothian Council HER

School, 1873, later used as offices

Newtongrange, Lady Victoria Colliery, Gantry To Pithead Baths

Identifier: MEL8520 · Date: Colliery · Author: MidLothian Council HER


Newtongrange, 1 Lingerwood Cottages

Identifier: MEL5133 · Date: Building · Author: MidLothian Council HER

Cottages, 19th century

Newtongrange, 37 Main Street, Monkwood

Identifier: MEL5134 · Date: House · Author: MidLothian Council HER

House, 1872

Newtongrange, Main Street, The Dean Tavern

Identifier: MEL5135 · Date: Public House · Author: MidLothian Council HER

Public house, 1910

Newtongrange, Main Street, Newtongrange Parish Church

Identifier: MEL5136 · Date: Church · Author: MidLothian Council HER

Church, 1939-42

Newtongrange, General

Identifier: MEL5137 · Date: Village · Author: MidLothian Council HER

NT36SW 63 centred 3360 6420

For adjacent and associated Lady Victoria Colliery, see NT36SW 22.00.

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