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    Recording the Coronavirus

    26/03/20202:04 pm25/06/2020 7:14 am

    The archives and museums teams at the John Gray Centre is looking to create a record of these unprecedented times but we need your help. While we will be collecting information relating to the official East Lothian Council response, we are keen to know the social impact of the virus on everyday life in the […]

    Fishing in East lothian

    18/02/201611:10 amLeave a Comment

    Those researching family in East Lothian will very likely come across a nautical affiliation. Our current temporary exhibit of photographs, letters and fishing documents demonstrate the importance of fishing to East Lothian. Fisherrow, Prestonpans, Cockenzie, Port Seton, North Berwick and Dunbar are all existing harbours that have been used for fishing in varying degrees. Most early fishermen did […]

    Best Days of Your Life? Health and Wellbeing

    01/10/20156:44 am19/10/2015 12:16 pmLeave a Comment

    The closure of school buildings as a result of an outbreak of disease was not unusual. Outbreaks of measles, scarlet fever and influenza were fairly common. The introduction of a school health service meant regular visits by nurses, doctors and dentists to the school checking on the health and wellbeing of pupils. Among these was […]

    The Napoleonic Navy and East Lothian

    24/09/20153:47 pmLeave a Comment

    A page to mark the Bi-centenary of The Battle of Waterloo and to record the service of East Lothian men in the wars against Napoleonic France. This page focuses on the Napoleonic Navy – ‘England’s’ ‘Wooden Walls’. It has been argued that Britain’s domination of the sea made possible many of the military successes of […]

    The North Berwick Pilgrim Ferry Crossing

    21/08/201510:31 am28/08/2015 10:22 amLeave a Comment

    North Berwick owes much of its early importance to its location on the historic pilgrim route to St Andrews. The crossing between North Berwick and Fife was the shortest distance over the Forth when travelling from the south. Many arrived from the north of east England, the Borders and Whitekirk. The first early crossing may […]

    Best Days of Your Life?

    23/07/201511:04 am19/10/2015 12:33 pmLeave a Comment

    Between October 2015 and January 2016, the Archive and Local History Service at the John Gray Centre will be presenting a display on school life, aptly entitled ‘Best Days of Your Life?’.  This exhibition will chart the history of education in East Lothian from the early years and educational reform, through to school dinners and […]

    East Lothian men at Trafalgar

    11/06/201512:42 pmLeave a Comment

    The following table was collated from data made available by the National Archives through the Trafalgar Ancestors project and exhibition. The extract lists some of the men who identified with East Lothian on their ship’s muster books. The data cannot be comprehensive – it was found by searching for East Lothian placenames – and many […]

    Friends of the JGC and their night at the ELC Museum & Library Headquarters

    05/06/20155:55 pm08/06/2015 10:46 amLeave a Comment

    An evening tour of the East Lothian museum store was as vivid as the Hollywood film in which displays come to life. A group of 20 Friends of the JGC wove their way curiously between tightly-packed aisles, boxes and crates as if uncertain as to what might jump out.  Every shelf and rack had a […]

    East Lothian snippets

    24/02/20153:43 pm24/02/2015 4:35 pmLeave a Comment

    When a well known reporter, from a well known East Lothian newspaper, came in to the Archive and Local History Department to ask about the court in Haddington, she received a bit of a surprise.  The archivist informed her that the first time it is mentioned in a document was in 1453.  It was in the […]

    List of Brick and Tile Works in East Lothian

    20/11/20144:02 pm08/01/2015 8:53 amLeave a Comment

    A scan of historic maps and census data has revealed that brick and, especially, tile works were widespread in the East Lothian countryside. There follows a list of sites, some of which are better documented that others and some of which can be placed only tentatively. Yet others will have been missed off as they […]