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East Lothian Images Online

22/05/20171:02 pm21/01/2020 10:21 am

From here you can access thousands of images from across the collection. Perhaps you’re looking for an old school photograph or a street where you lived? Perhaps you want to see if we have an image of an ancestor or a building that no longer exists? Click on a place name to see the pictures we […]

Women and Work in East Lothian

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Posted by Ruth on behalf of Jacqueline Lynch.   March 2017 celebrates International Women’s Month and the following is a sample of some of the notable work undertaken by East Lothian women through the ages. Farming and Fishing When researching  the working lives of women in East Lothian we must turn our attention first to a […]

East Lothian men at Waterloo (III)

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This page marks the Bi-centenary of The Battle of Waterloo and records the service of East Lothian men at Waterloo. On the 8th May 2015, the world celebrated the 70th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe.  It was on 18th June 1815, near Waterloo in present-day Belgium that the Battle of Waterloo took place, […]

List of Brick and Tile Works in East Lothian

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A scan of historic maps and census data has revealed that brick and, especially, tile works were widespread in the East Lothian countryside. There follows a list of sites, some of which are better documented that others and some of which can be placed only tentatively. Yet others will have been missed off as they […]

The Military System in East Lothian 1600 – 1790

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The Regiment of East Lothian Scotland’s ancient method of raising armies persisted into the seventeenth century. When a proclamation was issued by Crown or Government, the men of the county would muster and form a regiment within the Scottish host. The muster was in two parts – foot and horse. The foot, the Regiment of […]

The Military System in East Lothian 1790–1850

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East Lothian’s Armies – the Volunteers and Militia Armies universally rely on part-time or volunteer forces to relieve the burden of routine during times of stress or to augment front-line forces during long campaigns by providing reserves and garrisons. The mechanisms for raising such forces have naturally varied over time. Sometimes volunteers surge to the […]

Humbie Parish

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We have so many East Lothian stories to tell – and not enough time! We will put up a page about Humbie Parish, so please bear with us. In the meantime – you could help: contact us if you have stories about the parish and its people and we could help you tell them on this […]

‘Deeds Not Words’ 100 Years of the Rural

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This week an exhibition will be launched here at the John Gray Centre to celebrate 100 years of the Rural. You can visit the exhibition between January 20th and May 3rd during museum opening hours.    The origins of the Scottish Women’s Institute are firmly in East Lothian, and we’d like to thank the members of […]

Best Days of Your Life?

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Between October 2015 and January 2016, the Archive and Local History Service at the John Gray Centre will be presenting a display on school life, aptly entitled ‘Best Days of Your Life?’.  This exhibition will chart the history of education in East Lothian from the early years and educational reform, through to school dinners and […]

Poor Law: research guide 3

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Download a pdf of this guide Poor relief in East Lothian has featured in an exhibition at the John Gray Centre, and you can see related images and information here. Poor Law in Scotland before 1845 Parliamentary legislation concerning the poor dates back to the 15th century. Early statutes were mostly for the suppression of […]