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East Lothian and Waterloo, an Overview

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A page to mark the Bi-centenary of The Battle of Waterloo and to record the Napoleonic Period in East Lothian. 2015 marks the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, the defining engagement of the Napoleonic Wars. We thought we would interrogate our collections to see what we could discover about East Lothian and Waterloo […]

The Napoleonic Navy and East Lothian

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A page to mark the Bi-centenary of The Battle of Waterloo and to record the service of East Lothian men in the wars against Napoleonic France. This page focuses on the Napoleonic Navy – ‘England’s’ ‘Wooden Walls’. It has been argued that Britain’s domination of the sea made possible many of the military successes of […]

A Private Man-o’-War

23/03/202010:02 am24/03/2020 5:17 pm

East Lothian has always been a maritime county – in past centuries vessels from Fisherrow, Morrison’s Haven, Aberlady, North Berwick and Dunbar traded far and wide. And as they sailed they risked more than bad weather and dangerous shores. For much of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries Britain was at war and merchant ships […]

Sailing the Seas to a New Land

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It’s always nice to find out something new about one of our East Lothian heros – and even better when it’s an insight into someone whose life has been pored over incessantly by writers and commentators. John Muir is the hero in question. He and his family emigrated to the US during 1849. A few […]

Talking Museum: audio guide scripts

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Full transcriptions of the Talking Museum audio guide are here. To listen to the track at each stop, click on the title. A shorter version (with no transcripts or extra links) is here. Note that the tour starts at 2, because track 1 is the introduction to the audio guide on the handset in the […]

The Talking Museum

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This museum talks! In a project inspired by the Talking Newspapers for visually impaired people, we have created a Talking Museum to describe our main exhibition to visitors in a handheld audio guide. Below, you can also download and listen to the Talking Museum, and imagine you are here. Read more about the project further below. […]

Our Stormy Weather

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It’s been a dismal year on the weather front so far and this week’s severe storm just added to the misery. Fortunately, the county came of lightly this time (although some residents and businesses in Haddington might beg to differ).  But when events like this occurred in the past, the consequences could be catastrophic. The […]

The Dunbar Lifeboat

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In 1789 the young George Miller of Dunbar was witness to a wreck at South Shields. Its aftermath prompted a national competition to design a rescue lifeboat and Henry Greathead built the first based on the best elements suggested by the competition. Greathead’s Original Class eventually extended to 31 boats – the first successful rescue […]

John Hepburn: Arctic Explorer, 1794–1861 or 1864

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Hepburn was born in Whitekirk parish, where he attended the parish school. His career took him from East Lothian cowherd to naval officer and Arctic explorer, via a sailing apprenticeship and later friendship with Sir John Franklin. In 1810 Hepburn left Whitekirk for Newcastle, where he undertook his sailing apprenticeship with Mr Renwick, a local […]

Subject keywords (National Audit Categories)

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We have used the following list of National Audit Categories in our Museums and Archive records. You can use these in the Advanced Search: Subjects, Keyword box to help you find records on a particular topic. This list of keywords is temporary. We will migrate to a new set of keywords and a different thesaurus […]