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East Lothian Images Online

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From here you can access thousands of images from across the collection. Perhaps you’re looking for an old school photograph or a street where you lived? Perhaps you want to see if we have an image of an ancestor or a building that no longer exists? Click on a place name to see the pictures we […]


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HER map link Pencaitland derives from Old Brythonic “Head of the Woodland” and so is one of the older placenames and inhabited places in East Lothian. The parish later contained several substantial feudal estates, centred on what became mansions: Fountainhall House (Penkaet Castle) was originally built by the Pringles in the late 16th century with extensions to […]

East Lothian Food and Drink – a new display at the museum

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The other week I blogged about our new displays in the museum, and featured the Communities case, which now has a beautiful display of clothes from those significant moments in our lives – birth, marriage and death. Now it’s the turn of our Industries display case, which used to feature the local textile mills, particularly Kilspindie. Now […]

East Lothian Distilleries, a list

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East Lothian distilleries (former and current) were widespread. This list has been compiled from map, census and reference material held in the Local History Collection at the John Gray Centre. Dates and names are given, but these must be treated as indicative only: other sources in the collections may fix details. Nine distinct sites are certain […]

List of Brick and Tile Works in East Lothian

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A scan of historic maps and census data has revealed that brick and, especially, tile works were widespread in the East Lothian countryside. There follows a list of sites, some of which are better documented that others and some of which can be placed only tentatively. Yet others will have been missed off as they […]

East Lothian’s Sports – an introduction

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The county has a long and honourable sporting tradition. Golf and archery have been established for centuries. The origins of bowling and curling clubs lie deep in the past. Horse racing and field sports were also popular. Increased leisure time in the nineteenth century saw a proliferation of clubs representing an increasing number of activities. […]

The Military System in East Lothian 1790–1850

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East Lothian’s Armies – the Volunteers and Militia Armies universally rely on part-time or volunteer forces to relieve the burden of routine during times of stress or to augment front-line forces during long campaigns by providing reserves and garrisons. The mechanisms for raising such forces have naturally varied over time. Sometimes volunteers surge to the […]

Ormiston, a classic East Lothian village

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The core of the present day village of Ormiston is the result of a pioneering experiment by John Cockburn in the first half of the 18th century. Although the settlement has expanded far beyond its original bounds (explore Ormiston through time on our maps here) it is easy to explore and follow the stages in […]

Industrial East Lothian (AD 1800–Present)

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Although East Lothian is mainly seen as a rural county, it was home to many important and successful industries, which were of massive social and economic importance to the area. For example, saltpans provided salt for chemical and glass works, as well as the means to preserve fish and other foodstuffs.  Limekilns were an important […]

A History of Health

21/03/201911:44 am

The archives service hold a great number of items relating to the history of health across East Lothian. While patient registers and the like are generally kept by the Lothian Health Services Archive in Edinburgh, we hold a number of images, plans and ephemera showing the history of hospitals and organisations in East Lothian. Currently […]