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East Lothian Images Online

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From here you can access thousands of images from across the collection. Perhaps you’re looking for an old school photograph or a street where you lived? Perhaps you want to see if we have an image of an ancestor or a building that no longer exists? Click on a place name to see the pictures we […]

Education in East Lothian – origins

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When we look at education in East Lothian today, with a range of primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions spread over the county, we are looking at the result of a millennium of progress. Very little research has been done on the origins of our schools but we have good holdings in the archives from the […]

The Napoleonic Navy and East Lothian

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A page to mark the Bi-centenary of The Battle of Waterloo and to record the service of East Lothian men in the wars against Napoleonic France. This page focuses on the Napoleonic Navy – ‘England’s’ ‘Wooden Walls’. It has been argued that Britain’s domination of the sea made possible many of the military successes of […]

Spott Parish

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We have so many East Lothian stories to tell – and not enough time! We will put up a page about Spott Parish, so please bear with us. In the meantime – you could help: contact us if you have stories about the parish and its people and we could help you tell them on this […]

Brick and Tile making in East Lothian

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With an abundance of easily worked stone, East Lothian came late to the mass production of bricks and tiles. Of course, some had always been made on a small scale but as the agricultural revolution took hold the county’s abundant deposits of clay were exploited for drainage tiles (pipes) and roofing pantiles. Drainage was essential […]

The Military System in East Lothian 1790–1850

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East Lothian’s Armies – the Volunteers and Militia Armies universally rely on part-time or volunteer forces to relieve the burden of routine during times of stress or to augment front-line forces during long campaigns by providing reserves and garrisons. The mechanisms for raising such forces have naturally varied over time. Sometimes volunteers surge to the […]

East Lothian’s Criminal Past

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The lush green hills and pretty towns of East Lothian hide a dark past. Delve into our collections to read about James Watherstone’s escape from Musselburgh Tollbooth or John Kello, minister at Spott, who murdered his wife and then calmly went to preach his sermon. Hear the stories of Half-Hangit Maggie, a fishwife from Musselburgh […]

Battlefields of East Lothian (AD 800–1745)

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East Lothian is home to some of the most important battle sites in Scotland, from the 9th century to the 18th. The Battle of Athelstaneford (832 AD) The Battle of Dunbar I, Spott (1296) The Battle of Pinkie (1547 AD): a battle memorial stone is located at the eastern end of Crookston Road, along from Inveresk Lodge, […]

Days Out in the Past – Dunbar

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For the good people of Dunbar, 3 September 1650 must have seemed as if the end of days had arrived. It was a wild stormy night of howling wind and rain, and then in the early hours of the morning came the crash and thunder of battle, as Oliver Cromwell’s army of Parliament fought a […]

World War One Memorials

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Use this page to navigate to the relevant community (parish/town/village) detailed indexes of those who fell, or served, during World War One. Each place in the table below has at least one war memorial; some have several. Click on each community to see the details of those recorded. Please click on the following link for a complete […]