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    South Belton / Thistly Cross

    Identifier: MEL6362 · Date: Midden · Author: East Lothian Council HER

    A large pit containing midden material, of unknown date, including Mesolithic flints

    Eweford East

    Identifier: MEL1493 · Date: Linear Feature · Author: East Lothian Council HER

    Two pit alignments and a large circular enclosure, Mesolithic microliths

    Musselburgh Primary Care Centre

    Identifier: MEL10193 · Date: Flint Scatter · Author: East Lothian Council HER

    Mesolithic flint scatter and pits

    Knowes Farm

    Identifier: MEL6666 · Date: Site · Author: East Lothian Council HER

    Late Neolithic features, possible pit alignment


    Identifier: MEL6552 · Date: Structure · Author: East Lothian Council HER

    Neolithic settlement and Early Bronze Age timber setting

    White Bog

    Identifier: MEL8129 · Date: Palisaded Enclosure · Author: MidLothian Council HER

    Cropmarks of a palisaded enclosure, many pits of Neolithic and Bronze Age date and prehistoric settlement

    Upper Dalhousie Farm

    Identifier: MEL9701 · Date: Pit · Author: MidLothian Council HER

    Pits found during evaluation, some dating to the Early Neolithic; relict field boundary, pits and palisaded enclosure found during watching brief


    Identifier: MEL7974 · Date: Site · Author: East Lothian Council HER

    Two pits with early Neolithic pottery, one with Beaker pottery

    Orchardfield East Linton

    Identifier: MEL10243 · Date: Ring Ditch · Author: East Lothian Council HER

    Prehistoric remains including ring-ditches, representing ploughed out barrows, possible cremation, pits and undated ditches

    Smeaton Roman Temporary Camp, Dalkeith

    Identifier: MEL8378 · Date: Temporary Camp · Author: MidLothian Council HER

    Roman temporary camp