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Identifier: MEL11593 · Date: Ditch · Author: MidLothian Council HER

Linear features and former building remains recorded during evaluation

Newbattle Abbey

Identifier: MEL8356 · Date: Abbey · Author: MidLothian Council HER

Site of 12th century abbey, partly incorporated into 16th century tower house, extended into mansion during 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries

Haddington, Mill Wynd, West Mills / Adam Paterson Mill

Identifier: MEL1175 · Date: Watermill · Author: East Lothian Council HER

20th century mill building, on site of earlier watermill

Gorebridge, Hunterfield Road, 5, Newbyres Hall

Identifier: MEL10769 · Date: Church · Author: MidLothian Council HER

Church 1858, used as village hall and masonic hall

Seafield Moor Road, Lasswade

Identifier: MEL11737 · Date: Animal Burial · Author: MidLothian Council HER

Site of early modern horse burial; extensive area of post medieval rig and furrow cultivation and possible boundary ditch

Amisfield Park, Military Camp

Identifier: MEL10002 · Date: Military Camp · Author: East Lothian Council HER

Site of military camps in 1745, Napoleonic Wars, WWI and WWII

Newbattle Abbey Hostel, Military Camp

Identifier: MEL5139 · Date: Military Camp · Author: MidLothian Council HER

WWII military camp, which occupied approximately 19 hectares of parkland within the Newbattle Estate. Some wartime huts still in use as hostel.

Pentland Grove, Lasswade

Identifier: MEL11734 · Date: Glasshouse · Author: MidLothian Council HER

Greenhouse foundations

Woodhouselee, Camp 2, German Working Camp

Identifier: MEL6498 · Date: Prisoner Of War Camp · Author: MidLothian Council HER

Prisoner of war camp, WW2

Bransly Hill, Innerwick

Identifier: MEL8752 · Date: Bomb Crater · Author: East Lothian Council HER

Bomb crater dating to WWII from a German Heinkel Bomber