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    Identifier: MEL1898 · Date: Building · Author: East Lothian Council HER

    Mesolithic flint scatter, remains of lime kiln etc recorded during excavation

    Upper Dalhousie Farm

    Identifier: MEL9701 · Date: Pit · Author: MidLothian Council HER

    Pits found during evaluation, some dating to the Early Neolithic; relict field boundary, pits and palisaded enclosure found during watching brief

    Cornton Burn / Castlehill, Penicuik

    Identifier: MEL6904 · Date: Motte · Author: MidLothian Council HER

    Earthwork, possible fort or motte


    Identifier: MEL8076 · Date: Long Cist Cemetery · Author: MidLothian Council HER

    Long cist cemetery

    The Chesters

    Identifier: MEL763 · Date: Fort · Author: East Lothian Council HER

    Earthwork enclosure, fort?

    Kidlaw / Kidlaw Fort

    Identifier: MEL785 · Date: Fort · Author: East Lothian Council HER

    Iron Age hill fort and hut circles, including Dark Age settlement

    Oliver’s Mound, 3 Inveresk Village Road, Inveresk

    Identifier: MEL8800 · Date: Pit · Author: East Lothian Council HER

    Two possible pits, one with Roman pottery, and medieval pottery recovered from evaluation trenches.

    Law Road, North Berwick

    Identifier: MEL9345 · Date: Buried Soil Horizon · Author: East Lothian Council HER

    A square cist of probable Iron Age date, long cist(s) burials, and buried garden soil

    Traprain Law / Dumpender Law

    Identifier: MEL974 · Date: Fort · Author: East Lothian Council HER

    Hillfort, with occupation spanning from Bronze Age to medieval

    Seton West Mains / Fishers Road, Fishers Road West

    Identifier: MEL511 · Date: Enclosed Settlement · Author: East Lothian Council HER

    A later prehistoric enclosure complex, excavated in 1994