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Temple, Manse

Identifier: MEL5809 · Date: Manse · Author: MidLothian Council HER

Manse, early 18th century, on site of medieval monastery of Knights Templar

Newhall House

Identifier: MEL7995 · Date: Castle · Author: MidLothian Council HER

NT15NE 10.00 17498 56591

NT15NE 10.01 17032 55971 Kitley Brig
NT15NE 10.02 17520 56558 Sundial (Front Garden)
NT15NE 10.03 17594 56701 Sundial (Walled Garden)
NT15NE 10.04 17308 56487 Mary's Bow...

Temple Church

Identifier: MEL8234 · Date: Church · Author: MidLothian Council HER

Remains of the 13th century church and monastery, headquarters of the Knights Templar

Newbattle Abbey

Identifier: MEL8356 · Date: Abbey · Author: MidLothian Council HER

Site of 12th century abbey, partly incorporated into 16th century tower house, extended into mansion during 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries

Newbattle Abbey, Monastic Cemetery

Identifier: MEL8356 · Date: Cemetery · Author: MidLothian Council HER

Medieval/post-medieval cemetery associated with Newbattle Abbey

Newbattle Abbey, Monastic Building

Identifier: MEL8356 · Date: Monastery · Author: MidLothian Council HER

Remains of a stone building, possibly the infirmary attached to Newbattle Abbey

Markle / Martle

Identifier: MEL830 · Date: Village · Author: East Lothian Council HER

Remains of medieval village and 16th-17th century laird's house

Houston / Trinitarian House Of Houston

Identifier: MEL863 · Date: Hospital · Author: East Lothian Council HER

Approximate site of medieval monastery and hospital

Auldhame Cemetery And Chapel / Seacliff

Identifier: MEL1943 · Date: Cemetery · Author: East Lothian Council HER

Early medieval chapel and cemetery revealed by excavation

Tyninghame, St Baldred’s Church / Tyninghame House Policies

Identifier: MEL1605 · Date: Church · Author: East Lothian Council HER

Remains of the medieval church, probably on the site of early medieval monastery