Travels with a mannequin (or two!)

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A Collections Officer’s job is never dull! When the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh Museum had a makeover their mannequins needed a new home, so I picked them up and drove them back to Haddington. We got some funny looks driving through town, I can tell you! One passerby thought my ‘passenger’ looked extremely unwell […]

Let’s Celebrate West Barns!

Launched on 4th October 2015, the Story of West Barns was on display at the John Gray Centre. The mini-exhibition was created by a group of volunteers and coordinated by Ola Wojtkiewicz, John Gray Centre Development Officer. Some fascinating history of West Barns and links to photographs and oral history recording are available on the […]

Book Week Scotland

Book Week Scotland 2015 – that’s it for another year! The authors have come and gone, crafts have been crafted, food cooked, plays played and poems read. The events were taking place county wide of course, only a few at the John Gray Centre, but this year we branched out to use even more venues […]

Archaeology conference 2015 – The ‘Forth’ awakens….

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This year’s Edinburgh, Lothians & Borders Archaeology Conference was a great success, with a whole host of interesting, thought-provoking and diverse papers.  The conference highlighted the great range of archaeological work being undertaken in our region today, and the different organisations, groups and individuals who undertake it. Attendees were regaled with everything from investigating the […]

Santa at Christmas at the John Gray Centre

Holiday Cheer at the John Gray Centre

With the holiday season quickly approaching, the John Gray Centre has lots of busy elves gearing up to make it festive for YOU! We have multiple activities for both children and families, so make sure you like our Facebook page to keep up with it all! Starting 1st December, we have our 12 Days of […]

Garde Loo! – It’s World Toilet Day

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Bathroom, lavatory, toilet, wc, cludgie. Whatever you call the smallest room in your house, you can be thankful that you have one at all as there are millions of people around the world who don’t.  World Toilet Day, on 19 November, is designed to remind us of this, so it’s worth pausing to consider what […]

Bottoms Up!

I am sitting in the office on a dreich November day and mulling over the ideas for exhibitions that bubble up to the surface every now and again. How do we decide what to stage exhibitions about? First off it depends what we have in the collection; what can we display? After all we are […]

At the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month…

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Armistice Day.  As we set to see this day come around again, those two words bring ideas of hope, peace, and remembrance.  In times past, those who lived through the Great War probably could never fathom those words during the long, desperate years of struggle.  When that day finally came, what happened to the people […]

A Call for Community Curators

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Do you have a story to tell or a fascinating discovery to share?  Are you an artist looking for local exhibition space?  If so read on! Autumn is a time for reflection at the John Gray Centre and in Museums as we look back over the successes of the current year and identify areas to improve […]


” the hip bone’s connected to the, thigh bone…” is not the only tune a skeleton can sing!

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Sam here, East Lothian Council’s Archaeology Service resident skeleton, bringing you news of my latest travels and activities-which, if I do say so myself (and I do, I’ve not a modest bone in my body), have been most entertaining and educational for all concerned! First off, I took my colleagues Andy and Helena and my […]