Museum Summer Activities for Children

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Though the weather may not know it, the summer holidays are upon us! We’ve enjoyed having school visits but now it’s time for some family fun. This summer we’ll be hosting three children’s activity days as part of the Museums Summer Activities 2015 programme. On Tuesday 14 July, from 2–3:30pm, join us for Bronze Age […]

Waterloo 200 years on

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Today marks the 200th anniversary of the final battle of the Napoleonic Wars – the field of Waterloo. Last year we looked at the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War One and its effect on East Lothian. This year’s task was to interrogate the collections to see how we could represent the Napoleonic […]

Write On open mic: ‘Bike Talk’, by Jock Stein

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On Saturday the Write On Festival held by Tyne & Esk Writers culminated in a lively open mic night. I was lucky enough to be there, and enjoy the stories and poems that were read out – moving, funny, tense, intriguing … One of the readers has kindly sent in his poem to share here – enjoy! […]

Friends of the JGC and their night at the ELC Museum & Library Headquarters

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An evening tour of the East Lothian museum store was as vivid as the Hollywood film in which displays come to life. A group of 20 Friends of the JGC wove their way curiously between tightly-packed aisles, boxes and crates as if uncertain as to what might jump out.  Every shelf and rack had a […]

Work Experience at the John Gray Centre

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My work experience started on Monday morning when the Compass Nursery School children came in. After this I went up to the museum for a tour where the local history is. Next I went downstairs again to the library where the staff showed me the system of how to shelve the books. On Tuesday I […]

Cats in the Collection: A Look at Felines in East Lothian

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Cats have been part of human lives for thousands of years.  Originally, they were domesticated as an easy means of pest control.  It is thought that a discovery of a burial in Cypress from 7,500 BCE which includes a human with a cat (cats were not native), is currently the first known instance of domestication […]

Evaluation time at the JGC – can you help?

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If you get our newsletter, or have been in to visit us recently, you’ll already be aware that the JGC is currently being evaluated. This means going through everything we’ve done since we opened (and in the lead-up to opening), to see how well we’ve attained the goals we’ve been aiming for. This is partly […]

A Curling Welter Weight

The following has been written by David Affleck who has written about Whittinghame and the Jameson and whose research led Jodi to the John Gray Centre On Tuesday 5th May, Jodi Jameson from Ohio USA visited the JG centre during her first trip to the UK.  She is a descendent of a William Jameson, the […]

William Nimmo, the Joiner from Dunbar whose Trade saved him from the Somme

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One of the most enjoyable things about working in the Archive and Local History Centre here at the John Gray Centre is finding out the personal stories behind the collections.  We were contacted recently by Sandy Nimmo who was born and brought up in Dunbar.  Would we be interested in his father William (Willie) Nimmo’s […]

A Daily Commute

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On a daily commute from Gullane it can be surprising how much history can go flying by.  It all starts at the end of the road where the newly closed Fire Collage sits.  The main body of the College is a magnificent building with a fabulous interior which you would expect in a hotel which […]