Please note: due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak the Centre is currently closed, but our website is still open for business.

Recording the Coronavirus

The archives and museums teams at the John Gray Centre is looking to create a record of these unprecedented times but we need your help.

While we will be collecting information relating to the official East Lothian Council response, we are keen to know the social impact of the virus on everyday life in the County.

We want to collect and preserve your experiences, images and objects that reflect this pandemic in East Lothian and how it has and still is affecting you, whether good or bad. We are asking the community to share with us personal photographs and accounts which reflect their experiences of living through this extraordinary period and also to reflect how life has changed.


Are you a diary keeper or would you like to be? Be it written, audio or video we are looking for people to record their thoughts, experiences and feelings during the current pandemic.

Do it the old fashioned way with pen and paper, record a short piece on your mobile every day or if you love seeing yourself on camera record a video diary.

None of the contributions need to be epic. They can be as short or as long as you want. They can cover any aspect of life from how you are feeling, thoughts on the government response to the pandemic to how you are keeping yourself entertained.

All contributions will be treated with care and sensitivity. If you would prefer your diary to be closed for a period of time or anonymised then this can be arranged


We’re also looking to collect images of the County at this time. Perhaps you have been taking pictures of the empty streets or supermarket queues? How are the home haircuts looking? Are you working from home? How does your new ‘office’ look? If you are happy to share images with us please tag us in your social media posts or otherwise email us at [email protected]

Oral history

We are planning to conduct oral history chats once life returns to normal. These chats are recorded but very informal and can be done either at the JGC or at your own home. If this is something you think you would be interested in being involved in then please get in touch.


Painted stone

Although we cannot collect anything physically at present due to quarantine, we would love to hear from you if you have items that you would like to gift to the services post lockdown. This might be clean handmade masks, painted stones or banners – whatever you think represents the Covid experience.

We are living through a period of extraordinary history and you can help capture it for future generations.

If you think you can help or if you have any questions please pop a comment here or you can contact us at [email protected]

Stay safe out there everyone.