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11 thoughts on “Newsletter”

  1. marion appleby says:

    Regarding memories of the Nungate, I grew up in the Nungate 50 years ago, feel free to contact me

    1. Elizabeth Cossar Pryor says:

      Are you still there in 2020? have a feeling an Ancestor William Miller was at Nungate for a period later in his life.
      I think from memory he bought a small estate there.
      I cannot go back to search this as presently i am online…
      He was a lifetime bachelor but did have a son we know of…or even more maybe!!!
      I found an aerial photo of that place in the Borders. if you want to contact me.
      Liz Cossar Pryor
      he died in Edinburgh about 1870.
      Oh have just found it was Nunlands!
      Liz NZ

  2. Ross Macphail says:

    Individual Research.

    It is great it is facilitated and now supported at the Centre; see offer to provide Group Workshops.

    But what I have now found because I am a signed up Friend of the John Gray Centre, is, that I am having helpful conversations for my individual research on a one to one basis with people I have met through being a member of the “Friends”.

    Maybe there should be a “researchers” event to give researchers the opportunity of hearing about each other efforts and learning from each other as a result!

    1. David says:

      Thanks Ross

      Certainly an idea that the FOJGC could pick up on!

  3. Brian Young says:

    There is research going on into First and Second War defences in East Lothian. Some are Ancient Monuments in the care of HS. Can anyone give us a lead into who has done the research? Brian Young

    1. David says:

      Hello Brian

      The project was initiated and led by the Royal Commission (, who would be able to provide the details of the project team. Our own archaeology team and the resources at the JGC also fed in to the queries raised about local sites. The details will ultimately be added to our own Historic Environment Record & mapsearch – many are already recorded there and we featured the coastal defences at Hedderwick in our 2014 exhibition (which is moving online here:

  4. I am interested in knowing if any ancestors (descendants?, added by Editor) of a Robert Bagnall/Clementine Reid nee Bagnall/ remain in the area.

  5. Lorna Kinnaird or Muat says:

    I am also excited about the prospect of coming over to the Centre to do some genealogy. My MUAT/MOUAT ancestors came from Haddington and owned the Nungate Brewery as well as many properties in and around Haddington in the 18th and 19th centuries. I think I am definately bound to be impressed with the new centre.


  6. Ros Runciman says:

    I am excited to learn about your centre…right in the area where many of my husbands Runciman ancestors were born and lived. We hope to visit the area and see first hand what we are sure is a beautiful place. Any locals with connections to the Runciman family can readily make contact via email …who knows, there may be long lost relatives who are unaware of how far the Runciman tree has spread!!!! Best wishes from wintery Australia!
    Ros Runciman
    [email protected]

    1. HelenB says:

      I hope some of your Runciman connections see this and get in touch! (It is beautiful here, but somewhat wet this summer …)

    2. Mel Runciman says:

      Ros I read some of your stuff on the Runcimans and know very little of my Dads family { Michael John Robley Runciman }. I believe you contacted his sister a long time ago, did you find any interesting history ?

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