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Copyright and Credits

This website has been built by:

East Lothian Council Team

Archives Team

Museums Team

HER Team

+++ others

Orangeleaf Systems Team

James Grimster – Systems Architecture, Project Management
Mark Brawn – Senior Developer
Leigh Bicknell – Developer
Chris Ellis, IntrBiz Ltd, OpenLayers map development
Dave McCourt, Banana Design Ltd, Graphics Design

The technology running the website

This website is built upon Open Source Technologies.  It uses WordPress and plugins developed by Orangeleaf Systems Ltd and third parties.
The website is connected to CollectionsBase, an Orangeleaf Systems Ltd infrastructure built upon Apache SOLR and surfaced as both OpenSearch, GeoRSS and GeoJSON vector feature service and an Orangeleaf Systems developed Web Map service. The map technology is OpenLayers, using data from Ordnance Survey, National Library of Scotland and Historic Scotland and ESRI World Imagery.
The data is harmonised into Collections Trust SPECTRUM XML from source data systems using CALM, Exegesis HBSMR and various bespoke MS Access databases.  For further details, contact the developers at [email protected]