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Dunbar’s Dustbin Detectives!

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Another year, another archaeological frontier breached at Dunbar Science Club!

A sunny Saturday morning saw Andy and myself heading out to the Bleachingfield Centre armed with a rubbish bag and a motley collection of Andy’s breakfast detritus, and then some lovely prehistoric artefacts from our handling collection. Our mission: to explore strange old worlds, to seek out some fellow ‘Dustbin Detectives’ at Dunbar Science Club, and to boldly go where no archaeologists has gone before….(Andy’s rubbish bin)!

Exploring strange old worlds through our objects! Photo courtesy of Dunbar Science Club

Over the course of three workshops, our brave and intrepid dustbin detective archaeologists examined our collection of objects, both modern and ancient. We thought about what kinds of materials and objects we leave behind in our rubbish bags today, and what might survive buried in the ground for future archaeologists to find. We then looked at the kinds of artefacts people in the past left behind, and what we might be missing if material has rotted away.

After fuelling up on delicious coffee supplied by Bleachingfield café, our ‘final frontier’ was to form our own interpretations, our own version of the story, about how people in the past lived their lives, based upon the evidence that our artefacts could tell us.

Dustbin detectives hard at work creating our stories of the past! Photo courtesy of Dunbar Science Club

We all had a fun time learning about such objects as ancient sheep tick combs, animal hide scrapers and grain for making beer (Andy’s favourite); and after a little deliberation, we were unanimous in our interpretation that all Andy’s rubbish suggested, was that he had had a rather large breakfast!

Boldly going where no archaeologist has gone before-Andy’s breakfast! Photo courtesy of Dunbar Science Club

Thanks to all the children who took part and to Dunbar Science Club for asking us to come along!

Speaking of the future, our next adventure here at the Archaeology Service, will be a return to the wonderful world of East Lothian Archaeology and Local History Fortnight in September! We’ve got a great programme jam-packed full of a huge variety of events taking place all over East Lothian, so plenty for everyone, and lots of exploration to be had, so do come along and join us!

Written by Helena Gray

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