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Art, culture & communication

East Lothian Landscape, by WS MacGeorge

Landscape, by WS MacGeorge

East Lothian Museums and Archives Services have a varied and attractive collection of paintings, pottery and other crafts (some of which will sometimes be on display at the John Gray Centre, or at different locations around East Lothian) – browse our collections to see what we have, using the search box above.

But as well as objects such as these, we also have a wealth of information about the people who made them, commissioned them, lived with them – and about the cultural life of the county as a whole. In this section, over time, you will find features and articles about these.

Communication has always been key, and the region has a venerable press and publishing history. The Local History Centre at the John Gray Centre holds a large collection of historic newspapers dating back to the mid-nineteenth century, and you can search their indexes here to find out what’s in them (and then read the articles themselves on microfiche at the Centre).

We have yet to research and write articles for this section, but broad topics we will be covering include: Architecture; Art; Communication; Crafts; Film; Music; Pottery; Scottish Enlightenment; Tradition & customs.

If you have any suggestions for features you’d like to see covered here, or specific articles – or if you’d like to contribute an article yourself –  you can:

– Leave a comment below;

Email us;

– Upload a story (and images if you like) at Your Stories.

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