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Archery in East Lothian

East Lothian’s archery traditions begin in the mists of antiquity. The feudal muster of the county required that the forces raised be trained in the use of the bow, an edict reinforced by statute. Placenames in Haddington (The Butts), Dunbar (The Plunderland Butts) recall the nearly forgotten training grounds used by the burgesses.  In Musselburgh the tradition is alive and well!

The Royal Company of Archers at Musselburgh 1964Each year since 1713 the Royal Company of Archers have shot for the Musselburgh Silver Arrow. However, the existing trophy is a replacement for the Musselburgh Small Arrow, which is known to have been competed for as early as 1603. This precedent is used to establish the event as the oldest sporting competition extant – anywhere!

In the 21st century this ancient sport is still followed in East Lothian. The Scottish Archery Centre operates from the former RAF accommodation at Fenton Barns and the Wolfstar Archers shoot over an outdoor field course in Pencraig Wood.

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  2. What a great story! Hope they can keep this traditional culture as long as possible! I wish one day i can get here!

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