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Dunbar Claimants 1650

This is a list of the claimants in Dunbar who sought redress after the occupation of the burgh by Cromwell’s forces before and after the Battle of 3 September 1650 – and whose detailed claims have survived. Many more claims were entered, but in this second group only the total claim made has come down to us in the summary registers. If you read through the list, be aware that the spelling of common names may look odd compared to modern spellings and only a few occupations are noted. The reference number is needed to call up the individual documents, if you visit the John Gray Centre.

There are 182 names on the list and all were male and female (28 or around 15%) heads of households, a snapshot of Dunbar’s population and, with the details of the claims, the then economy of the burgh.

Achisone Patrick B18/39/4/8
Adamsone George B18/39/2/4
Aikman John B18/39/5/14
Aitkin George B18/39/6/28
Alane William B18/39/5/1
Bairnesfather William B18/39/2/23
Bald James B18/39/4/19
Beale Sarra B18/39/3/24
Bennett Patrick B18/39/2/28
Binnie Alexander B18/39/2/24
Birnibon Johne B18/39/3/4
Bog James B18/39/7/3
Branken John B18/39/6/9
Broun William B18/39/7/4
Broune Richard B18/39/4/1
Broune William B18/39/5/21
Broune Issobell B18/39/6/18
Browne Jonett B18/39/5/16
Brysoune William B18/39/3/6
Cairnes Alexander B18/39/4/2
Caldare Johne B18/39/5/20
Cockburne William B18/39/5/2
Cokburne James B18/39/2/8
Colline [Cowine] Patrick B18/39/4/28
Colline [Cowine] Robert B18/39/4/29
Corsbie Robert B18/39/5/11
Corsbie Violet B18/39/5/17
Crabe David B18/39/7/1
Crummy Archibald B18/39/6/3
Davidsone Alexander B18/39/3/10
Denevell William B18/39/6/1
Denevell James B18/39/6/24
Denholme William B18/39/2/15
Denholme Alexander B18/39/2/18
Devell James B18/39/6/13
Dishintone Marione B18/39/7/14
Donald John B18/39/2/19
Douglas John B18/39/4/18
Dunbar Jonet B18/39/6/16
Dunbar Archibald B18/39/6/7
Durie John B18/39/4/16
Dyat Elspeth B18/39/7/25
Fall George B18/39/2/13
Fargussone Agnes B18/39/4/12
Fargussone Alexander B18/39/4/13
Fergusone George B18/39/6/23
Fleck George B18/39/6/14
Fleck Alexander B18/39/7/11
Fleck John B18/39/7/13
Fleck Marione B18/39/7/5
Forsyth George B18/39/2/3
Frissall Edwart B18/39/3/22
Furd Christiane B18/39/7/29
Gillies William B18/39/7/28
Gilpatrick Johne B18/39/2/14
Gilpatrick William B18/39/3/2
Goodyewe George B18/39/3/17
Gray James B18/39/3/3
Grive Robert B18/39/2/11
Hamelltone Alexander B18/39/3/7
Hamiltone Johne B18/39/5/6
Hamiltoun Alexander B18/39/7/17
Hamiltoun George B18/39/7/8
Haye Thomas B18/39/2/7
Hendersone Margrit B18/39/6/12
Home Patrick B18/39/2/27
Home Richard B18/39/6/10
Homes Robert B18/39/5/7
Jacksone Robert B18/39/5/22
Jacksone George B18/39/5/25
Johnsoune Henrie B18/39/3/5
Jollie Johne B18/39/2/30
Jonsoune John B18/39/7/26
Jonstone David B18/39/6/4
Kellie M B18/39/3/13
Kellie Margaret B18/39/3/23
Kellie James B18/39/4/14
Kellie Johne B18/39/4/21
Kellie Robert B18/39/4/23
Kellie James B18/39/5/15
Kellie Thomas B18/39/5/27
Kellie Agnes B18/39/6/2
Kellie Nickell B18/39/6/5
Kellie Thomas B18/39/7/22
Ker George B18/39/3/15
Kirkwood Issobell B18/39/2/16
Kirkwood William B18/39/4/15
Lauder Violet B18/39/6/17
Lauder James B18/39/6/20
Lawder James B18/39/2/25
Lawder Robert B18/39/6/26
Lawrie William B18/39/5/12
Liddell William B18/39/5/19
Lourie Hellin B18/39/7/21
Low David B18/39/4/20
Lyell George B18/39/3/16
Lylle Marione B18/39/4/6
Lylle George B18/39/5/3
Mackrie William B18/39/7/20
Mairteine George B18/39/3/14
Maissoune John B18/39/4/10
Maissoune Thomas B18/39/4/27
Makiene Margaret B18/39/2/21
Mall James B18/39/5/26
Mander Barbra B18/39/7/12
Mathie Patrcike B18/39/3/8
Mathie [the younger] Pattrick B18/39/3/12
Mill George B18/39/7/9
Milne Johne B18/39/2/12
Muir Edward B18/39/7/10
Nimmo George B18/39/3/20
Nisbet Alexander B18/39/2/5
Nisbet James B18/39/7/27
Nisbit William B18/39/4/26
Nisbit Johne B18/39/5/24
Nisbit [Elder] William B18/39/4/30
Nisbite John B18/39/7/7
Oliver Robert B18/39/6/27
Osbourne John B18/39/7/16
Oswald Richard B18/39/3/25
Oswald Richard B18/39/4/3
Patersone William B18/39/6/6
Patersone John B18/39/7/15
Pedden Harie B18/39/6/25
Pirry John B18/39/6/8
Purves William B18/39/3/1
Quhyte Robert B18/39/3/27
Quitsone Creistan B18/39/2/10
Reed Johne B18/39/2/26
Reid Johne B18/39/2/6
Richesoune Kathriene B18/39/4/5
Richisone Andrew B18/39/3/21
Richisone George B18/39/6/22
Robertsone George B18/39/5/29
Robisone Thomas B18/39/4/24
Sand Bessie B18/39/3/30
Sandersone George B18/39/5/5
Schaw Alexander B18/39/7/19
Shore Alexander B18/39/7/24
Sim David B18/39/5/10
Sincklar George B18/39/2/17
Sinclar Issobell B18/39/6/30
Skead Thomas B18/39/5/4
Sked Mores B18/39/5/18
Skeed Christopher B18/39/2/9
Smart George B18/39/2/29
Smith William B18/39/5/23
Smith Andrew B18/39/5/23
Smyth John Tailor B18/39/2/22
Smyth John B18/39/3/26
Smyth James B18/39/7/2
Smyth John B18/39/7/23
Speire George B18/39/5/28
Steivensoune Hendrie B18/39/3/19
Stewart Mary B18/39/3/18
Sydeserff Alexander B18/39/4/22
Thin Johne B18/39/4/4
Thine Robert B18/39/7/18
Thomson George B18/39/5/8
Tunna Elspeth B18/39/4/7
Waddell Issobell B18/39/6/25
Walker William B18/39/3/11
Walker Robert B18/39/5/13
Walker Thomas B18/39/5/9
Walker William B18/39/6/15
Wallace Robert B18/39/4/9
Wallas James B18/39/7/6
Watson Thomas B18/39/6/21
Weallane William B18/39/5/30
Whyte Alexander B18/39/2/1
Williamsone Alexander B18/39/3/9
Williamssone Marione B18/39/4/17
Willsone Robert B18/39/4/11
Wilsone George B18/39/2/2
Wilsone James B18/39/6/29
Wood William B18/39/5/22
Wood Marioun B18/39/6/11
Young Jonet B18/39/2/20
Young William B18/39/3/28
Young Robert B18/39/3/29
Young Alexander B18/39/6/19
Younges Henrie B18/39/4/25

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