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Dirleton World War One Memorial

Burns Andrew Private Royal Scots 8th Battalion Yes 31/07/1916 18/08/1916 No entry
Burnside James Private Royal Scots 9th Battalion 21/08/1917 31/08/1917 05/10/1917
Calder John Driver Army Service Corps 32nd Division   Train 12/08/1918 30/08/1918 No entry
Campbell Peter Robertson Bain Private Royal Scots 2nd Battalion 17/07/1916 17/07/1916 No entry
Christie Martin Private Royal Scots 13th Battalion Yes 27/09/1915 22/10/1915 No entry
Glen Archibald Private Scots Guard 2nd Battalion 25/11/1917 31/05/1918 No entry
Gracie William J Second Lieutenant North Staffordshire Regiment 9th   Battalion 26/04/1917 04/05/1917 No entry
Hynds Hugh Private Royal Scots Fusiliers 1st/ 5th   Battalion 12/07/1915 12/07/1915 No entry
Logan/   Logie William Unknown No entry No entry
Mackay George Unknown No entry No entry
Marr Andrew Private Gordon Highlanders 1st/7th   Battalion 20/11/1917 21/12/1917 No entry
Mattison James Lance Corporal Australian Forces 05/02/1917 09/03/1917 No entry
Mattison John Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd   Class Royal Navy HMS “M15” 11/11/1917 23/11/1917 No entry
McDonald Robert Undetermined Unknown No entry No entry
McNeil Edward Private Scots Guard 2nd Battalion Yes 15/09/1916 20/10/1916 No entry
McNeil George William Private Royal Scots Fusiliers Yes 30/07/1916 18/05/1917 No entry
McNeil Joseph Private Royal Scots Fusiliers 6th/7th   Battalion 10/04/1917 18/05/1917 No entry
McNicoll William Corporal Tank Corps 17th Battalion Yes 21/08/1918 20/09/1918 No entry
Moran John Private Royal Scots 12th Battalion 12/10/1917 28/07/1916 No entry
Morin John Lance Corporal Seaforth Highlanders 7th   Battalion 10/07/1916 21/12/1917 No entry
Peattie William Seargent Tank Corps 5th Battalion 16/04/1918 14/06/1918 No entry
Selby John Edwin Private Somerset Light Infantry 6th   Battalion 01/05/1917 18/05/1917 No entry
Simpson James Duncan Lieutenant Canadian Regiment 1st Tunneling   Company 24/08/1916 01/09/1916 No entry
Smith Charles Private Royal Scots 8th Battalion 02/12/1916 08/12/1916 No entry
Smith Robert Private Gordon Highlanders 03/06/1917 08/06/1917 No entry
Souter George Private Cameron Highlanders 7th Battalion 28/03/1918 19/04/1918 No entry
Taylor Alexander Sergeant West Yorkshire Regiment 10th   Battalion 23/04/1917 No entry No entry
Taylor William Private Royal Scots 2nd Battalion 13/04/1917 27/04/1917 No entry
Wardrop Alexander Driver Army Service Corps 37th Reserve   Park 30/09/1916 13/10/1916 No entry
Watt David P Lance Corporal Cameron Highlanders Depot 25/04/1917 04/05/1917 No entry
Waugh David Private Scots Guard 1st Battalion 13/09/1916 29/09/1916 No entry

3 thoughts on “Dirleton World War One Memorial”

  1. Derek Weir says:

    Interested to note, that James Mattison was born in Curriehill in 1892 and immigrated to Australia in 1910 and then served in the 14 Batt AIF, is mentioned on the Dirleton war memorial, yet my Great Uncle Thomas Weir isn’t on any war memorials anywhere in East Lothian, even though he was born in Balgone Barns North berwick and lived in various parishes throughout the county, he too immigrated in late 1913, but enlisted in early 1915, yet how come one guy gets honoured in Dirleton yet Thomas doesn’t, i don’t see that as being fair to Natural born Scotsman, it doesn’t matter in what uniform one fought in. Photo was taken in Musselburgh during R & R May 1916

    1. HanitaR says:

      Dear Mr Weir,
      Thank you for your comment. The same is true for many other service personnel. There are names of individuals not from East Lothian on various local memorials and names of East Lothian born individuals on memorials outwith the county. I’m afraid it all depends on whether their names were commissioned to be placed on the memorial by their own family or employers at the time (circa very early 1920s).

    2. W Goodall says:

      Hi Derek, in 2016 Preston Lodge (PL) High School Pipe Band travelled to Belgium to compete in the Belgium Pipe Band Competition. This was combined with a chance to learn about the battlefields in France. They visited Thriepval war memorial in France and one young PL piper Ruari noticed a picture of your Great Uncle Thomas Weir and was surprised to read he was born in North Berwick, which is where Ruari lives and took a photo of his photo. Ruari’s mum put a copy of the photo on Facebook back in 2016 saying what are the chances, wonder what his story was?

      Facebook memories today highlighted this photo! His mum shared it today saying remember this…

      I do like family history searches and happened to look up your Great Uncles birth certificate. I couldn’t understand why his name didn’t appear on North Berwick war memorial?! I googled Thomas Weir East Lothian War memorial thinking it might have appeared on another village war memorial & came across your story in The Courier last year – WOW – what were the chances?!

      I have let Ruari’s mum know, but thought I would let you know that your Great Uncle has been remembered & thought about. PL Pipe Band played the last post at The Menin Gate during their trip.

      Seems like fate that a photo of your Great Uncle was taken by a local North Berwick boy & brought back to his home town. Hoping this message reaches you x

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