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East Linton World War One Memorials

The following are the lists of names appearing on two of the East Linton WW1 Memorials.

Town/Village Location Inauguration
East Linton Memorial Park 11/09/1920
Aitken Thomas Private Royal Scots 8th Battalion 26/04/1915 07/05/1915 No entry
Aitken William Private Gordon Highlanders 1st/6th   Battalion 31/05/1918 21/06/1918 No entry
Bathgate James Private Royal Scots 1st/8th Battalion 12/04/1918 17/05/1918 No entry
Beveridge James Private Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) 1st   Battalion 18/08/1916 08/09/1916 No entry
Blackhall James C Private Royal Scot Fusiliers 1st   Battalion 03/05/1917 No entry No entry
Burns George Company Sergeant Major Royal Scots formerly 1st/7th   Battalion 03/08/1918 09/08/1918 No entry
Campbell James Lance Corporal Royal Scots 8th Battalion 12/04/1918 07/06/1918 No entry
Craig John Private Royal Scots 11th Battalion 07/06/1917 19/10/1917 26/10/1917
Currie William Private Scots Guards 1st Battalion 27/03/1918 12/04/1618 No entry
Docherty James Private Royal Scots 2nd Battalion 13/04/1917 09/03/1917 No entry
Fairbairn Peter Private Royal Scots “D” Company   9th Battalion 01/08/1917 22/08/1919 No entry
Fraser James Corporal Royal Scots Fusiliers 7th   Battalion 26/09/1915 08/10/1915 No entry
Fraser John Private Royal Scots 8th Battalion 09/04/1915 16/04/1915 No entry
Gill James Unknown Unknown Unknown No entry No entry
Gray Thomas Unknown Unknown Unknown No entry No entry
Greig Alexander C Lance Corporal Royal Scots 1st/8th  Battalion 13/09/1919 19/09/1919 No entry
Grierson George Private Scots Guard 1st Battalion 27/09/1915 22/09/1916 No entry
Hood William Corporal Royal Scots 13th Battalion 10/07/1917 20/07/1917 No entry
Hume John Lance Corporal Highland Light Infantry 17th   Infantry 03/03/1917 16/03/1917 No entry
Johnston Adam Private Royal Scots 17th Battalion 27/07/1916 No entry No entry
Laing George 2nd Lieutenant Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) 9th   Battalion 10/04/1917 20/04/1917 No entry
Lawrence Alexander S Private Royal Scots 9th Battalion 12/10/1917 16/11/1917 23/11/1917
Leslie Robert G Private Royal Scots 8th Battalion 05/01/1915 15/01/1915 No entry
Lockhart Alexander Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery 66th   Siege Battery 04/10/1917 26/10/1917 No entry
Logan John Private Royal Scots 12th Battalion 15/10/1918 01/11/1918 No entry
McDougall Walter Lance Corporal Royal Scots 2nd Battalion 22/05/1918 31/05/1918 No entry
McPhail John C Private Royal Scots 12th Battalion 01/10/1917 15/11/1918 No entry
Mills Kenneth McA Private Royal Scots 11th Battalion 05/04/1917 13/04/1917 No entry
Murdoch Thomas John Private Royal Scots 8th Battalion 23/07/1916 11/08/1916 No entry
Myles William Sergeant Royal Scots 8th Battalion 02/03/1915 12/03/1915 No entry
Myles David Private Royal Scots 9th Battalion 12/04/1918 29/08/1919 No entry
Noble William Lieutenant Royal Scots 8th Battalion 11/12/1918 03/01/1919 No entry
Pennycook Alexander Lance Corporal Royal Scots 12th Battalion 16/10/1918 13/12/1918 No entry
Ramage Angus Robertson Private Scots Guard 2nd Battalion 26/10/1914 20/11/1914 No entry
Reid John Private Scots Guard “C” Company   1st Battalion Yes 09/10/1917 26/10/1917 03/12/1915
Sandie James Cheap Private Cameron Highlanders “B”   Company 7th Battalion 25/09/1915 No entry No entry
Sinclair Norman Scout Northern Rhodesia Police 09/05/1915 04/06/1915 No entry
Stoddart Thomas Private Cameron Highlanders 7th Battalion 23/05/1916 28/07/1916 No entry
Storie John Captain Army Veterinary Corps 06/10/1915 08/10/1915 No entry
Tait James Ainslie Private Black Watch “A” Company   1st Battalion 09/05/1915 18/06/1915 No entry
Tait John Guthrie Private Gordon Highlanders 6th Battalion 20/11/1917 14/12/1917 No entry
Thomson Martin Unknown Unknown Unknown No entry No entry
Thomson William Private Royal Scots 16th Battalion 10/10/1917 23/11/1917 No entry
Walker James Private Royal Scots 12th Battalion 12/06/1916 15/11/1918 No entry
Walker Alexander K Corporal 7th Dragoon Guards (Princess   Royal’s) 09/10/1918 01/11/1918 No entry
Watt Gideon Private Royal Scots 8th Battalion 22/03/1918 No entry No entry
Wilson John Private Royal Scots 16th Battalion 13/04/1917 22/06/1917 No entry

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