Elphinstone World War One Memorial

This is the list of names appearing on the Elphinstone WW1 Memorial.

Town/Village Location Inauguration
Elphinstone Village 11/09/1920
Baird Andrew Private Royal Scots 1st / 8th Battalion 29/01/1915 05/02/0915 No entry
Beattie John Private Black Watch 2nd Battalion 30/12/1916 No entry No entry
Burt Andrew Lieutenant Royal Scots 1st/8th Battalion 18/12/1914 25/12/1914 No entry
Cowan James Private Cameron Highlanders 1st   Battalion 09/05/1915 28/05/19115 No entry
Crookston/   Crookstone J R Private Royal Scots 1st/8th Battalion 22/07/1916 No entry No entry
Dennison Adam Lance Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 26/10/1917 18/01/1918 No entry
Dickson William Beck Private Yorkshire Regiment 8th Battalion 12/02/1914 No entry No entry
Douglas Thomas Private Royal Scots “A” Company 8th Battalion 24/02/1915 12/03/1915 No entry
Fairgrieve R Sapper Royal Engineers 179th Tunnelling Company 13/07/1917 No entry No entry
Grant Thomas Private Australian Imperial Forces 9th Brigade 08/06/1917 No entry No entry
Kerr James Private Gordon Highlanders 5th Battalion 23/04/1917 No entry No entry
Main Jonathan A Private Canadian Field Artillery 5th   Brigade 07/06/1916 30/06/1916 No entry
Mennucci Romolo Private / Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery 07/09/1918 No entry No entry
Potter James Private Argyll & Sutherland   Highlanders 2nd Battalion 19/01/1915 12/02/1915 No entry
Scott Alex Private Scots Guard 2nd Battalion 16/05/1915 No entry No entry
Scott David McNeill Private Royal Scots 1st/8th Battalion Yes 18/05/1915 09/07/1915 No entry
Smith William Private Gordon Highlanders 10th   Battalion 31/07/1920 No entry No entry
Stewart John Private Royal Scots 1st/8th Battalion Yes 08/03/1915 19/03/1915 No entry
Thomson John Private Royal Scots 3rd Battalion 21/03/1916 31/03/1916 15/02/1918
Valentine James Private Royal Scots 16th Battalion 09/04/1917 25/05/1917 No entry
Wight Robert Quartermaster Sergeant Royal Scots 1st/8th Battalion 16/05/1915 18/06/1915 No entry
Wilson Peter Private Cameron Highlanders 5th   Battalion 25/09/1916 No entry No entry
Wood Peter Private King’s Own Scottish Borderers 7th/8th Battalion 15/09/1916 No entry No entry

4 thoughts on “Elphinstone World War One Memorial”

  1. Doug Dickson says:

    entry for Andrew Baird. tried the cwgc site but does not come up on the site/ looks like there was an entry in the haddington courier. any other sites you could push me to, for more information?

    1. HanitaR says:

      Hi Doug,
      Thank you for your enquiry. The entry in CWGC is at the following link:
      You could also check out the Scottish War Names Memorial (SWNM) website.
      Hope this helps.

  2. FrancesW says:

    Thank you Doug. Now corrected 🙂

  3. Doug Dickson says:

    the entry for William Beck Dickson shoes a date of 2014 instead of 1914 for his death

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