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Gullane World War One Memorial

This is the list of names appearing on the Gullane WW1 Memorial.

Town/Village Location Inauguration
Gullane Village Golf Course 02/10/1920
Addison James S Lance Corporal Highland Light Infantry 10th /11th Battalion 15/09/1916 06/10/1916
Allan Robert B Unknown Unknown Unknown No entry
Ballantyne Ernest Orford Commander Royal Navy HMS Viknor 13/01/1915 29/01/1915
Blair Patrick Alexander Captain Royal Scots 9th Battalion 23/04/1917 No entry
Brunton George Private Black Watch 10th Battalion 09/05/1917 No entry
Burns Hugh Private Cameron Highlanders 6th   Battalion 29/01/1918 22/03/1918
Clark William Private Scottish Rifles 7th Battalion 17/11/1915 31/12/1915
Cox Arthur G Private Royal Scots 1st Garrison   Battalion 02/02/1918 No entry
Dishington George Private Royal Scots 2nd Battalion 08/07/1916 21/07/1916
Elmslie John Private Seaforth Highlanders 1st   Battalion 22/04/1916 No entry
Elmslie David Lance Corporal Royal Scots 2nd Battalion 19/11/1916 08/12/1916
Gilchrist Thomas Lance Corporal Royal Scots 8th Battalion 22/03/1918 19/04/1918
Graham Colin Unknown Unknown Unknown No entry
Harlow /   Harlaw James Private Highland Light Infantry   10th/11th Battalion 28/01/1917 No entry
Harper James Drummer Royal Scots 11th Battalion 05/03/1920 12/03/1920
Hutchison Thomas Private Royal Scots 13th Battalion Yes 23/04/1917 01/06/1917
Kerr John Private Royal Scots 1st/4th Battalion Yes 13/05/1918 No entry
Laidlaw John Private South African Infantry, East   Africa 10/08/1916 08/09/1916
Laidlaw David C Private Seaforth Highlanders 07/01/1916 No entry
Laidlaw Douglas Private Seaforth Highlanders 8th   Battalion 22/05/1918 14/06/1918
McCoach George Private Canadian Machine Gun Corps 7th   Company 18/07/1916 30/06/1916
McIntyre John Private Gordon Highlanders “A”   Company 1st Battalion 18/07/1916 No entry
McKenzie Peter Unknown Unknown Unknown No entry
McKenzie William Private Black Watch 8th Battalion 12-19/10/1917 14/12/1917
Milligan James Unknown Unknown Unknown No entry
Moffat George Easton Lance Corporal Machine Gun Corps 174th Company 26/03/1917 06/04/1917
Paul Gavin G Second Lieutenant Dragoon Guards 2nd Battalion 30/10/1914 No entry
Purves Alexander Private Royal Scots 15th Battalion 16/04/1918 No entry
Robertson   – Durham William Hugh Captain Scottish Rifles 10th Battalion 25/09/1915 No entry
Scott James Private Royal Scots 1st Battalion 25/09/1915 22/10/1915
Shepherd James Private Royal Scots 13th Battalion 26/10/1916 03/11/1916
Sibbald David Lance Sergeant NZEF Otago Infantry 07/06/1917 06/07/1917
Smith Hubert Hector Captain King’s Own scottish Borderers   8th Battalion 25/09/1915 08/10/1915
Spencer John Unknown Unknown Unknown No entry
Stewart James A Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps 12/10/1916 20/10/1916
Thatcher Geoffrey F C Private Machine Gun Corps 97th Corps 22/12/1917 No entry
Thomson William M Unknown Unknown Unknown No entry
Waldie George Unknown Unknown Unknown No entry
Wallace Andrew Oswald Private Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 8th Battalion 25/10/1918 13/12/1918
Whitecross Richard Henry Private Australian Infantry 22nd   Battalion 03/01/1918 05/04/1918
Wood James Unknown Unknown Unknown No entry

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