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Oldhamstocks World War One Memorial

This is the list of names appearing on the Oldhamstocks WW1 Memorial.

Town / Village  Location Inauguration
Oldhamstocks Village Unknown
Bathgate James Private Royal Scots 1st/8th Battalion 12/04/1918 17/05/1918
Coltherd Joseph Private Seaforth Highlander 7th Battalion 25/09/1915 29/10/1915
Grainger Robert Private Royal Scots 12th Battalion 11/04/1918 14/11/1919
Gray Thomas Unknown Unknown Unknown No entry
Grieve John S Private Royal Scots 12th Battalion 08/07/1916 21/07/1916
Litster Richard S Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery   “A” Depot 19/12/1916 22/12/1916
Robertson William Beaufort Lance Corporal Black Watch “C” Company   1st Battalion 13/10/1915 No entry
Scambler James Private Argyll & Sutherland   Highlanders 2nd Battalion 25/09/1915 22/10/1915
Scott George A Unknown Unknown Unknown No entry
Skeldon Adam T Private Seaforth Highlanders 4th Battalion 20/09/1917 26/10/1917
Thomson George Private Royal Scots 16th Battalion 25/04/1917 18/05/1917
Thomson John Private Royal Scots 8th Battalion 01/08/1916 29/06/1917

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