The Lothians during World War One (V) – A Squadron, 1915

This is the fifth page in a series about the Lothians and Border Horse, which included East Lothian’s Yeomanry contribution to the serving forces during World War One. The story began here.

A Squadron, after Oct 1918, Bulgaria - Czar Ferdinand's Summer Palace

A Squadron, after Oct 1918, Bulgaria – Czar Ferdinand’s Summer Palace

Officers of the Lothians

Officers in the field, September 1916. L-R: Major Waring, 2nd Lt Clappe, 2nd Lt Dale, 2nd Lt (Interpreter) Millinger, 2nd Lt Caverhill

This page is based on a roll call of the members of A Squadron, 1/1st Lothians and Border Horse compiled as they left Dunbar for active service. The details come from the War Diary released by the National Archives. Additional details such as full name, service number, age, home town, trade, and photographs will be added from time to time if information is found. Subsequent military careers and other biographical details will be added if these are available. Others known to have served with the Squadron have been added to the foot of the list and note that ranks in photographs may not match ranks stated in 1915 – many of the Squadron were promoted during their service. It is hoped that over time a detailed impression of the Squadron members’ careers will emerge.

Note further that at this point in the war ‘lance-corporal’ was not an official rank; troopers so designated were not included in the Squadron’s tally of NCOs. The squadron had a headquarters (for administration) and four troops (equivalent to infantry platoons). Once the establishment of the Squadron began to change it is difficult to place individuals in Troops or sections. A number of men had additional duties – farriers, saddlers, drivers, trumpeters, cooks and batmen (officers’ servants) are noted; although nominally in a given troop the specialists were generally more associated with the Squadron Headquarters.

On the 29th of July 1915 the Squadron comprised:


  • Major Walter Waring
  • Captain SS Steel
  • Squadron sergeant major T Dale
  • Squadron quartermaster sergeant RS Caverhill
  • Saddler sergeant Wight
  • Farrier sergeant Cavins

Number One Troop

  • Second lieutenant FR Eustace
  • Sergeant A Dunn
  • Sergeant W Barrie
  • Sergeant the Honourable A Murray
  • Corporal R Logan
  • Corporal JJ Dunlop
  • Lance-corporal  JE Wight
  • Trooper W Bathie (?)
  • Trooper AA Calder
  • Trooper T Hogarth
  • Trooper HH Hogg
  • Trooper G Hunter
  • Trooper JA Mann
  • Trooper A Pate
  • Trooper W Pate
  • Trooper AE Swan
  • Trooper N Sanderson
  • Trooper JE Swan
  • Trooper JTD Clark
  • Trooper JS Wight
  • Trooper G Milne
  • Trooper AF Smith
  • Trooper J Romaines
  • Trooper G Wilson
  • Lance-corporal WA Dalziel (Motorcyclist)
  • Shoeing smith  W Graham
  • Trooper Gravett (Officer’s batman)
  • Trooper J Stevenson (Transport driver)

Number Two Troop

  • Second lieutenant Lord Charles Hope
  • Sergeant J Brounlie
  • Sergeant TH Thompson
  • Sergeant JJ Logan
  • Corporal T Stanart
  • Lance-corporal WG Davidson
  • Lance-corporal WS Brown
  • Shoeing Smith A Young
  • Trooper HO Birtwhistle
  • Trooper A Carmichail
  • Trooper D Cullin
  •  Trooper AS Chartres
  • Trooper JA Dickson
  • Trooper R Graham
  • Trooper W Graham
  • Trooper W Hogarth
  • Trooper WL Hogg
  • Trooper J Jeffrey
  • Trooper RM Hir
  • Trooper W Hir
  • Trooper J Scott
  • Trooper F Stuart
  • Trooper AD Turnbull
  • Trooper J Mulhiam (Officer’s batman)
  • Trooper W Watson
  • Trooper T Peebles
  • Trooper H Dalgleish (Cook)
  • Trooper J Scott
  • Trooper McPherson (Officer’s batman)
  • Trooper Parker
  • Trooper Currie

Number Three Troop

  • Second lieutenant T Robson Scott
  • Sergeant W Sanderson
  • Sergeant J Budge
  • Corporal  J Short
    • John Short, arr. France 22/09/1915, No. 1257 & 120108, after WO class 2.
  • Corporal R Tait
  • Lance-corporal WR Maxwell
  • Lance-corporal W Ronaldson
  • Shoeing Smith Watt
    • Andrew Watt, arr. France 22/09/1915, No. 1296 & 120131, after acting Sergeant.
  • Trooper J Bruce
  • Trooper RW Bell
  • Trooper A Campbell
  • Trooper R Crozier
  • Trooper WP Crooke
  • Trooper W Curtis
  • Trooper H Dickson
  • Trooper JB Daykins
    • John Daykins, arr. France 21/09/1915, No 1718; after Sgt. 205353, Yorks & Bucks Regt., 20645, Co. London Yeomanry.
  • Trooper JH Elder
  • Trooper H Elder
  • Trooper D Fairgrieve
  • Trooper T Hamilton
  • Trooper AAB Hobkirk
  • Trooper A Manderson
  • Trooper FL Maxwell
  • Trooper R Thornton
  • Trooper RS Baxter (Officer’s batman)
  • Trooper A Shackleton (Officer’s batman)
  • Trooper J Gunn
  • Trumpeter AHT Robertson
  • Trumpeter HD Campbell
  • Lance-corporal Fyall (Officer’s batman)
  • Trooper J White
  • Trooper A Robertson
  • Lance-corporal W Ramage (Transport driver)

Number Four Troop

  • Second lieutenant TAG Tulloh
  • Sergeant JA Anderson
  • Lance sergeant W Marchbank
    • arr. France 22/09/1915, No. 1566, comm. 21/11/1915 2nd Lt. Black Watch.
  • Corporal  JK Mathison
  • Lance-corporal W Aiton
  • Lance-corporal A Smith
    • arr. France 22/09/1915, No. 1412, comm. 13/11/1917 Lt IndARO; after of Campore, India.
  • Lance-corporal TJM Walker
    • Thomas Walker, arr. France 22/09/1915, No. 1312 & 120142, after Sergeant.
  • Shoeing smith corporal A Anderson
  • Trooper J Baptie
    • Joseph Baptie, arr. France 21/09/1915, No. 1372, after Royal Scots, No. 270780.
  • Trooper C B Brownlie
  • Trooper T Currie
  • Trooper J Farell
  • Trooper C Harriy
  • Trooper RC Morris
    • Charles Richard Morris, arr. France 22/09/1915, No. 1626 & 120292, comm. 22/09/1918 2nd Lt RASC; after war of the Savoy Hotel, London
  • Trooper RP Miller
    • Richard Miller, No. 1648 & 120309, after Corporal
  • Trooper E Riddell
  • Trooper JF Sanderson
  • Trooper WJ Stewart
    • arr. France 22/09/1915, No. 1298 & 120133; after Corporal
  • Trooper R Scott
  • Trooper GS Robertson
  • Trooper J Tait
  • Trooper AP Turnbull
    • Andrew Turnbull, arr. France 22/09/1915, No. 1594 & 120272
  • Trooper WB White
    • William White, arr. France 22/09/1915, No 1632 & 120297; after acting Corporal
  • Trooper TG Winning
    • Thomas Winning, arr. France 22/09/1915, No. 1638 & 120301, of Hawick; after Sergeant. See more.
  • Trooper J Cutbertson (Officer’s batman)
  • Trooper Andrews
  • Trooper J Dichan (Cook)
  • Trooper R Sibbald
    • Robert Sibbald, arr. France 21/09/1915, No. 2076; after Labour Corps, No. 259388.
  • Trooper JH Morrison (Transport driver)
  • Lance-corporal  G Pringle (Motorcyclist)
    • Walter Gerald Pringle, arr. France 21/09/1915, of Hawick; promoted 2nd Lt KOSB.
  • Lance-corporal AS Mason (Storeman and clerk)
    • Albert S Mason, arr. France 22/09/1915, No. 1642 & 120305.
  • Lance-corporal DT Gabb (Clerk)

Others known to have served with A Squadron

  • Capt Scott
  • Capt Stewart (D Squadron, Temp. OC, attached)
  • Lt Watson
  • Lt Macaulay
  • 2nd Lt Clappe
  • 2nd Lt Millinger (interpreter, attached)
  • Dr Inglis (RAMC, attached)

If you recognise the name of an ancestor or relative, please don’t hesitate to contact us: we would be delighted to hear more about this regiment and the men that served in it.

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  1. Ian Johnstone says:

    My grandfather Robert Crozier in 3 troop l&b horse was lance corporal by wars end

  2. Pamela Faulks says:

    Ten years ago I bought a hunting stick at an Auction. It is engraved as follows. A token from the members of the Lothian and Borders Horse. Sergeants Mess B.E.F. in France to S.Q.M.S. Caverhill on the occasion of his leaving to take up his commission. June 1916.

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