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Theme templates

Although we hold a repository of information about East Lothian’s past, there are many areas of East Lothian’s history that we are not expert in. You, however, may be! We would love to share your knowledge here, for others to read and learn from.

If you have an article or a story about any aspect of East Lothian history, please do send it to us to share online, or add it directly at the Your Stories page. Our email address is [email protected].

Above the Search box at the top of the website page you will see four ‘themes’: People, Places, Times, Subjects. We are especially keen for people to share their knowledge of subjects that would fit these themes, and we have developed some simple templates as guidelines of what to include, if you need some help.

PEOPLE theme template                            PLACES theme template
TIMES theme template                                SUBJECTS theme template

We can also share images with your articles so if you’d like to send us those too, please do. Please note our user-to-user licence and terms of service, which allow people to use and share all images on this site for educational and non-commercial purposes.

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