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About the John Gray animation project

Scenes from the John Gray animations

Scenes from the John Gray animations

We’ve got no pictures of John  Gray, and very little is known about him – yet our new heritage centre for East Lothian is named after him.

So we asked East Lothian schools if they’d like to find out more, and four secondary schools took us up on the challenge, with nine S1 classes taking part.

The children started to build an idea of who John was by re-enacting parts of his life with the Arts Service drama teachers, Shonagh Davidson and Marjory Sweeney. It was a lively introduction!

They then worked with freelance artist Gemma Coyle, who taught each group how to create an animation. The children’s creativity and imagination did the rest. You can view the animations on YouTube via the My John Gray page.

There was a special ceremony at each school to celebrate their productions, with prizes for the teams that created the funniest, most thoughtful or most artistic animations – it was a hard but very enjoyable job for the judging panel!

Film of the project in progress – as shown at the John Gray Centre ‘Our Place in Time’ exhibition:

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